Vogue’s 73 Questions: Blogger Edition

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is my answers to Vogue’s 73 questions: blogger edition! I saw this on mindbeautysimplicity blog and I really wanted to do it myself! Hopefully this Q&A will help you to get to know me more and I hope you enjoy it! I nominate anyone reading this to do thisContinue reading “Vogue’s 73 Questions: Blogger Edition”

The Christmas Tag 2020

Hello! Hope you’re okay! I’ve decided to do a bonus blog post for you this week because I wanted to do another Christmas blog post this year! Today’s post is the Christmas tag 2020 which I have been nominated for by agirlwithaview a few days ago. Make sure to check out her blog and herContinue reading “The Christmas Tag 2020”

#BlogtoberTag & Hallotober Tag

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is the #BlogtoberTag and Halloween Tag blog post! I’ve been reading some of these blog posts recently and I really like them so I was very happy when I was nominated for them! I’ve decided to do this all in one blog post because this is my last HalloweenContinue reading “#BlogtoberTag & Hallotober Tag”

Liebster Award 2020

Hello!! I hope everyone is okay! Today’s blog post is very different from my normal blog posts because I’ve been nominated for an award. My first blogging award!! I’m so happy and thankful for this. Thank you so much to Smitten Spice (go and check out her blog) for nominating me and to you forContinue reading “Liebster Award 2020”

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