How To Manage A Busy Schedule

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about how to manage a busy schedule! I have had a very busy schedule for the past month so I thought that I’d share some tips on how to be productive and efficient if you have a busy schedule! These tips can work both in the short term and long term! I hope you like this post and comment how you manage a busy schedule!

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Set Time At The Start & End Of The Day For Self Care

Make sure to give yourself at least an hour at the start and end of the day to do something that you that you love like watching TV, reading a book, playing games, etc. This helps to motivate you to get stuff done later in the day or it helps you to relax so you can get a good nights sleep!

Think About The End Goal

Thinking about what you’re going to do after your schedule clears up or how all your hard work will pay of is a great way to motivate yourself to keep getting tasks done! If it’s a while until you can see the end result, it’ll come faster than you’ll expect it to!

Photo by Duane Mendes on Unsplash

Plan Out Your Time

Like I mentioned in a previous blog post (check out my How To Stay Productive In Winter blog post), I use Google calendar to time block my time and it’s so helpful to keep on top of tasks that you need to do! You can either do it the night before or in the morning so you know exactly what you’re going to do and achieve in a day!

Separate Tasks Into 30 Minute or 1 Hour Blocks (if possible)

If you have loads of tasks to do, doing one or two of them at a time and then having a quick break will help you to break down a long list of tasks and makes them more achievable!

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4 thoughts on “How To Manage A Busy Schedule

  1. Google calendar is my favourite way to schedule. Creating a morning and evening self-care routine is a great way to take care of yourself amidst the busyness. Keeping the end goal in mind is a great way to stay motivated. Love these tips. Thanks for sharing.

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