What To Wear For Workouts

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about what to wear for workouts! Not only do you want to wear something fashionable for workouts but you also want to wear something practical which you can be comfortable to workout in! I like buying and wearing workout clothes because they look great and I hope you like this post and comment what your wear for workouts!

(Photo by Intenza Fitness on Unsplash)

Sports Bra

It’s so much better to wear a sports bra for working out rather than wearing a regular bra! In the summer, you could just wear the sports bra on its own (if you want to) or just wear it under a workout top! I recently got a new sports bra and it’s great to wear to the gym!

Oversized T-Shirt or Tank Top

You can buy some workout tops from sports brands if you want to get some good quality workout clothes or you can just use oversized t-shirts/vests. You could also layer vests and t-shirts for outdoor workouts in the colder months! I have lots of different workout tops for different seasons and types of workouts.

Gym Leggings or Shorts

Depending on the weather/season, shorts or leggings are great for workouts! You can get them in a variety of colours and designs or you can just get plain black ones. There are loads of different brands that you can get them from and they can be really cheap! I love wearing gym leggings and I definitely want to get another pair soon because they look so good for in the gym!

Photo by Gabriel Alenius on Unsplash

Zip-up Hoodie

This is a perfect item to wear before and after workouts especially in winter so you don’t get too cold! They are very casual and you can get them in basic colours or bolder colours! I have a Nike zip-up hoodie which I always wear after a run or the gym!

Make sure to check out my Fitness Essentials blog post for more fashion and workout essentials!

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5 thoughts on “What To Wear For Workouts

  1. For me, a sports bra is essential for working out due to its moisture wicking properties. Even if you’re not doing any bouncing about. I also wear mine for yoga and pilates because my tops invariably hang down showing off my bra during some of the poses.

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  2. Sports, oversized t-shirts and leggings or shorts are my go-to workout outfits. I’m not really into the hold brand stuff, functional and comfortable works well for me. I like repurposing my older clothes for working out, but I definitely need some new pieces since I exercise a lot more regularly these days.

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