How To Prepare For A Birthday

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is a special one because it’s the 200th post on my blog and it’s all about how to prepare for a birthday! I decided to make this post because it’s my birthday this weekend and I have been doing some stuff to prepare for my birthday! I hope you like this post and comment how you prepare for a birthday!

(Photo by Becky Fantham on Unsplash)

Make A Wishlist

This is not only useful for friends/family but it’s also a fun activity! You don’t have to include loads of items or expensive items, it can just be little things that you need (like beauty products, stationery, etc.) or you want (clothes, event tickets, etc.)! You can also use it for yourself if you get some money for your birthday so you can buy these items after your birthday as well!

Make Plans

Especially after covid, it’s a great idea to make some plans for your birthday because it makes you more excited for the special day! You could plan something big (especially if it’s a special birthday) like going on holiday or having a party! But if you just want to do something small for your birthday, you could invite some friends/family around or go shopping!

Check What Freebies You Can Get

There are so many freebies or discounts that you can get for your birthday so why not take advantage of them! Most of them need you to sign up before your birthday so it’s a good idea to do this before your birthday so you don’t miss out! The freebies can be online/in-store and they can last for a week so there are lots of different options for you!

Photo by Katie Rosario on Unsplash

Buy/Plan An Outfit

Buying or planning an outfit for your birthday makes it easier to decide what to wear than trying to choose on the day! I’ve bought a new dress and I’m also going to plan a daytime outfit for my birthday! If you need birthday outfit inspiration, check out my What To Wear For Special Occasions blog post!

Have A Pamper Night

Similarly to the last post, you want to look good on your birthday so the night before (or a few nights) before, you could have a pamper night to relax and take care of your body! If you want ideas on how to have a pamper night, check out My Self Care Routine blog post and my Self Care Products I Love blog post!

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