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My Spanish Learning Journey – One Year Later

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is part 2 of my language learning journey! I posted the original post just over a year ago (check it out here if you haven’t already read it to see my inspiration and methods that I use behind learning a language) and I wanted to do a part 2 since some of you asked for an update on the last post! I hope you like this post and comment if you are learning a language as well!

(Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash)

My Progress

I have still been learning Spanish everyday using Duolingo and on Tuesday, I hit a 700 day streak which I’m really happy with! I’m currently on unit 7 which is over halfway through the Duolingo Spanish course! Since the start of 2022, I’ve been spending a lot more time per day on my Spanish learning and last week’s average time spent per day was 30 mins.

How To Maintain A Long Streak

  • A little (just 5 minutes) is better than nothing
  • Set reminders if you tend to forget to do things regulary
  • Have a set time to do it (for me, it’s in the evenings)


I really enjoy learning another language and it makes me happy when I see a social media post in Spanish or watch a TV show/movie with some Spanish in it and I can translate some of it! I would say I’m in the intermediate level of Spanish now and it would be great if I could get into the advanced level or even further!

My Targets For Language Learning

  • Improve my listening and speaking skills (Duolingo has features which I definitely want to start using)
  • Continue the learning streak
  • Read a Spanish book (similar to level I’m at)

I will definitely be doing another update once I’ve finished the Duolingo Spanish course about my review of the course and my next steps!


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3 thoughts on “My Spanish Learning Journey – One Year Later

  1. Won’t congrats. I started learning Spanish and Japanese at t.different points using Duolingo and Youtube videos but stopped. I want to start back some time, but I can’t seem to stick to it with my busy schedule. Reading this is inspiring though. Thanks for the update.

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