Types Of Bags For Different Occasions

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about the different types of bags for different occasions! I don’t have a huge bag collection but owning a few different types of bags comes in handy for different occasions so this blog post is also like a bag collection post as well! I hope you like this post and comment what type of bag you use the most!

(Photo by LEISARĂ€ Creative Studio on Unsplash)

Tote Bag

I didn’t use to use tote bags a few years ago but now I use them all the time! They are perfect for carrying shopping, jackets (if you want to take them off) and books! You can buy them from so many different places and they come in a range of different designs! Plus they are eco-friendly as you don’t have to buy plastic bags for your shopping!


Again, I didn’t really use to use backpacks because I already had a handbag of a similar size! But backpacks are especially great for day trips and shopping! I bought a backpack from Primark a few years ago (an Ariana Grande Sweetener backpack) and I use it quite often!

Clutch/Mini Handbag

I love these types of bags because they are probably the most fashionable! You can use them for nights out, special occasions or just when you want a small bag to carry your phone and other small essentials! All of the handbags that I own are from Primark and they are such good quality especially the mini clutch bag (which I love)!

Overnight Bag

A large handbag is a great overnight bag for weekend breaks or just events where you need lots of clothes/beauty products! This could also be an extra bag along with a suitcase for things that you will need to use either on the journey or as soon as you arrive at your destination! I want to buy a new overnight bag (as my other bag is quite old) so comment any shops that sell good quality overnight bags!

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