My Musicals Playlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my musicals playlist! I am a huge musicals fan and I’ve been listening to a lot of musical soundtracks recently so I thought I would share my favourite musical songs and soundtracks! I hope you like this post and comment what your favourite musical soundtrack or song is!

(Photo by Marc-Olivier Paquin on Unsplash)

Heathers – Candy Store & Beautiful

I’ve never seen heathers on the west end but I would love to one day! These are the only two songs I’ve really listened to from the soundtrack (I’m probably going to listen to the rest of the soundtrack soon) and I love them! I’ve been listening to these songs a lot recently because they are amazing!

Tick Tick…Boom – No More, 30/90 & Therapy

I’ve spoken about this musical many times on my blog since watching it because I love the movie and the soundtrack! Therapy and 30/90 have been my favourite songs since I first watched the movie but No More is a new song that I’ve been loving.

Hamilton – Alexander Hamilton, Burn & The Schuyler Sisters

Hamilton is an amazing musical and I love the soundtrack! It’s so hard to choose my top 3 songs from the soundtrack but I chose these because I listen to these songs the most!

Mean Girls – World Burn, Someone Gets Hurt & Revenge Party

I only listened to the mean girls soundtrack in the past year and it was so good! I would definitely want to see this in the west end one day! These songs are all amazing and the vocals are incredible!

Photo by Mathias Arlund on Unsplash

Wicked – Popular & Defying Gravity

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never seen Wicked but I really want to some time! I’ve always loved Defying Gravity but recently I’ve been loving Popular!

Legally Blonde – So Much Better, Omigod You Guys & There! Right There

One of my all time favourite musicals and I love the soundtrack! I’ve seen this musical before and these are the songs that I listen to a lot! So Much Better is probably my favourite out of these because it’s such a fun song to listen to!

The Greatest Showman – The Other Side, Rewrite The Stars & Tightrope

Another musical movie soundtrack that I’ve loved since it was released! These are my favourite songs from the soundtrack that I listen to quite often!

Six The Musical – All You Wanna Do & Don’t Lose Your Head

Again I’ve listened to the soundtrack of this musical but I haven’t seen it in the west end yet (but I would love to)! These songs are so good because the lyrics and the vocals are incredible!

If you want more musical recommendations, check out My Favourite Musical Movies blog post!

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4 thoughts on “My Musicals Playlist

  1. My favorite song from Wicked is Popular- seen that musical five times.

    My favorite musical soundtrack—-how can a musical fanatic choose???

    However, I know what my favorite musical is—basically a tie between Wicked and Les Mis

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