Different Types Of Lipstick To Try

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about the different types of lipsticks to try! I haven’t done a beauty blog post in a while so I decided it’s time to do another one today! I own quite a lot of different lipsticks and I’m going to share with you the different types and what brands/products I recommend for each! I hope you like this post and comment what type of lipstick is your favourite (+ any lipstick recommendations)!

(Photo by Andyone on Unsplash)

Matte Lipsticks

This is probably my go-to lipstick! The colours of these lipsticks are bold and they usually last quite a long time!

Makeup revolution have a good range of matte lipsticks and I especially like the soph x revolution matte lipstick! If you want something more high-end, the mac matte lipsticks are amazing! I only own a mini velvet teddy lipstick but I definitely want to try some other shades!

Sheer Lipsticks

Sheer lipsticks are kind of a mixture between glossy lipsticks and matte lipsticks! The colours are usually not as bold as matte lipsticks but they have a really nice shiny look!

I only just bought a sheer lipstick and I like it! I got the Elf Sheer Slick in Dragonfruit because I wanted a new red lipstick and the formula is really good! The only negative is it’s a bit more of a dark pink shade than red but it still looks really nice!

Liquid Lipsticks

I used to love liquid lipsticks a few years ago but I don’t use them very often now (but I want to start using them again). They usually have a matte finish once they have dried but I find that liquid lipsticks are the most long lasting lipsticks that I’ve tried which is great for lasting the whole day/night!

I really like the Maybelline liquid lipsticks (I definitely want to try more shades) and I’ve also heard that L’Oreal liquid lipsticks are also great!

Lip Balm Lipsticks

Lip balm lipsticks are very moisturing and have a light colour to them so they are perfect for every day wear!

One of my favourite lip balm lipsticks is the Ted Baker one but I don’t think it is sold individually and the gift sets have changed since I got it! But another lip balm lipstick that I recommend are the Elf Ride or Die lip balm lipsticks!

Lip Cream Lipsticks

Lip creams have a mixture of lip gloss and a lipstick texture which I really like! They are pretty much very similar to lip balm lipsticks but the shades are slightly more pigmented!

I love both the Collection and NYX lip creams because they have a great shade range and they are perfect for natural makeup looks!

Check out My Top 5 Lip Products blog post for more of my favourite lipsticks!

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9 thoughts on “Different Types Of Lipstick To Try

  1. good list. I don’t really wear lipstick apart from the lipbalm kind, or lipgloss. but that liquid lipstick sounds intriging but sounds like it could potentially be messier, kind of like liquid eyeliner lol

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