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My 2021 Blogging Journey – Lifestyle Season

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Happy New Year! Today’s blog post is about my 2021 blogging journey! Before I start, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that reads my blog! Whether you’ve been here the whole year or found my blog recently, all of the likes and comments on my blog posts mean a lot to me! This was my first full year of blogging and it has been amazing! I hope you like this post and comment about your 2021 blogging journey if you’re a blogger too!

(Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash)

Posting Schedule

As most of you know, I post blog posts every Monday and Thursday on my blog and I have posted twice a week for the whole year! Last year, I posted 104 blog posts on my blog which is crazy! I’m really proud of myself for doing this because there have been times where I’ve been really busy or struggled with blog post ideas but I managed to consistently post blog posts!

Most Popular Blog Post of 2021

Fashion Wishlist – Spring Edition

My most popular blog post of last year was my original fashion wishlist post! I love writing these blog posts every season because I love seasonal fashion and I can also do online shopping at the same time! Look out for a new fashion wishlist post next Monday!

My Favourite Blog Post of 2021

It’s so hard to choose just one favourite blog post because I’m really happy with my blog posts this year! My favourite blog post series is my skincare journey because it motivates me to stick to a routine and I hope it inspired people to start their own skincare journeys!

An underrated blog post that I really like this my How To Start A New Hobby blog post because I have started many hobbies before and I want to help people start hobbies that they are interested in!

2021 Achievements

The main achievements that I have achieved last year are 20K views and 10K viewers on my blog overall! I hit these milestones at the start of last month and I still can’t believe 10K people have visited my blog since I started it in May 2020! Although last year’s stats weren’t as high as 2020’s, I’m still really happy with what I’ve achieved last year!

2022 Plans & Goals

I’m not going to be setting a goal for views or followers this year because I have no idea what next year will bring both for my blog and events! I will continue posting twice a week (which I hope I can stick to for the whole year like last year)! I want to do a blog revamp with some quite big theme changes at some point this year!

If you want to see my stats and achievements from 2020, check out my Lifestyle Season – My Blogging Year blog post!

Also, make sure to comment some blog posts that you want to see on my blog this year (it will really help me out)!


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28 thoughts on “My 2021 Blogging Journey – Lifestyle Season

  1. Great Job! You did so well. I started blogging last year and you’ve inspired me to reflect on my blog growth for last yearl. I’m wishing you more and more growth this year!

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