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The Best TV That I’ve Discovered This Year

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about the best TV that I’ve discovered this year! I watched some great TV shows and movies this year that I want to share with you today! I’ve split the shows and movies into categories so there’s something for everyone to discover! Make sure to check out my best music of the year blog post on Thursday! I hope you like this post and comment what your favourite tv show/movie that you’ve discovered this year is!

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

TV Shows

Best Sitcom

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine in August and I’ve been rewatching it since! I love this show because the characters are amazing and it’s such a funny show! A close second favourite sitcom that I watched this year is New Girl!

Best Apple TV+ Show

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso took me a while to watch because I started watching it and then forgot about it but when I watched it the whole way through, I really enjoyed it! I really hope that there will be a season 3! My overall favourite Apple TV+ show is still The Morning Show but I love this tv show too!

Best TV Drama


This year was the year that I got into You and I especially loved season 3 of You because it was so exciting! The characters in all 3 seasons are so interesting! Even though it hasn’t been long since I’ve watched it, I really want to rewatch the whole show again because it’s so good!

Best Marvel Show


I love wandavision and this is the marvel tv show that I’ve watched the most! The different era episodes were iconic and I love the characters! My favourite episode is episode 7 which I have probably watched at least 5 times this year because it’s so good! My second favourite marvel series is Loki because that was a really interesting show!

Photo by Ashlee Brown on Unsplash


Best Marvel Movie

Spider-Man No Way Home

I watched this movie in the cinemas last week and I loved it! It’s probably one of my favourite marvel movies because there were so many incredible moments and some very emotional moments too. I need to watch this film again soon and I definitely recommend marvel fans to watch this movie! Another marvel movie that I loved this year was Black Widow because I love the characters!

Best Musical

Tick Tick…Boom!

I love this film and the soundtrack for the film! The acting and singing in this film is incredible! Check out my Netflix Movies That I’ve Watched Recently to see my full review of this movie!

Best Drama Film


I finally got round to watching this movie this year and I really liked it! The storyline was really interesting and I like the characters a lot! I have also watched Twilight New Moon this year and I want to watch the rest of the movies soon!

For more TV recommendations, check out all of my monthly favourites blog posts from this year!


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