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Christmas Traditions To Try This Year

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about Christmas traditions to try this year! Christmas is a special time to spend time with family and make traditions together! I have a few traditions that I do with my family every Christmas and they are really good! Most of these traditions are for Christmas Eve but you could do some of them on Christmas Day too! I hope you like this post and comment some of your Christmas traditions!

(Photo by Dennis Tracz on Unsplash)

Wearing Matching Christmas Jumpers/Pajamas

This is a super cute idea for families and couples on Christmas! It makes great Christmas photos and memories! If you don’t own matching Christmas clothes, just wearing a Christmas jumper or pajamas could be a tradition for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (maybe even both).

Self Care Night

Christmas Eve is the perfect day to relax and take care of yourself before Christmas Day! You could have a bath, watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate! This is my ideal Christmas Eve night because you can relax but still get ready for the next day!

Christmas Eve Feast

This is one of my favourite Christmas traditions that I do every year because I love Christmas foods! You could get some party food and create a Christmas Eve buffet to enjoy! It’s almost like an early version of a Christmas dinner!

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Doing Christmas Crafts

This is the perfect Christmas tradition for families because it’s fun and the crafts can be used as extra Christmas decorations! My favourite Christmas crafts are paper snowflakes and paper chains because they are super easy and fun to make! Another craft you could do is make a gingerbread house because you can eat that afterwards too!

Exchanging Cards/Gifts A Day Early

Opening one gift on Christmas Eve makes the day more exciting and it doesn’t ruin Christmas day! You could also make a Christmas Eve box which I think is a really cool idea especially for kids! If you don’t want to exchange gifts the day before Christmas, you could always just exchange cards instead.

I hope you get to try out some of these traditions or make up your own traditions for Christmas! Merry Christmas!


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