What To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about what to put on your Christmas wishlist! Christmas is approaching so now is the best time to make a Christmas wishlist because it gives people plenty of time to prepare for Christmas! I’ve included a range of gifts that range in price! I hope you like this post and comment what’s on your Christmas wishlist!

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Why write a Christmas wishlist?

  • Tells your friends/family things that you want/need (so they don’t get you something that you don’t need)
  • It may give you ideas for buying other peoples’ Christmas gifts
  • You could buy yourself a Christmas gift to treat yourself
  • It’s fun to write a Christmas wishlist


Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are the perfect gift to add to your Christmas wishlist! If one of your favourite artists is going on tour next year, why not ask your family/friends to get you the tickets for your Christmas present! I’ve asked for concert tickets for Christmas before and it’s an amazing present!

Music Related Gifts

A cheaper alternative for music lovers is music related gifts such as vinyls, CDs or merch from your favourite artists. There’s loads of options that you can choose for this category based on how you prefer to listen to music and what your favourite merch item is!

Fashion Items

Things such as clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery are great ideas to put on your Christmas wishlist! There could also be an element of surprise if you only give them a brief idea of what you want. Make sure to include your size on the wishlist so they don’t get you the wrong size!

Photo by Jim Kalligas on Unsplash


A pricier option to put on your wishlist but it could be a joint present to make it cheaper for your friends/family! If you need a new phone, laptop or tablet, Christmas is the best time to get it! There’s also cheaper electronics you could ask for such as headphones, speakers or portable chargers!

Homeware Items

This is great for anyone to add to your wishlist! It could be something small for your bedroom like new bedding or something bigger like a mirror or furniture! If you’re planning to move house next year, this is a great opportunity to ask for items like kitchen appliances, tableware, etc so that you don’t need to buy them yourself!

Look out for my Christmas gift guide on Monday for ideas on what to get your friends/family for Christmas!

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11 thoughts on “What To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

  1. Love this list. I’d really like to have concert tickets, fashion items, and new beddings. Electronics can be a little expensive but it would be nice to get one of those small cameras for vlogging. Haha… you gave me some ideas on what to add to my Christmas wishlist. Thanks! Hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday 🙂

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  2. Concert Tickets will be on my Christmas wishlist! I just realized that homeware such as new bedding should be on my list also. I seriously need a new one! Haha! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I never know what I want for Christmas, aswell as my birthday 2days after on the 27th..
    In my family, we do a “I need this but don’t wanna buy it myself” alot 🤣. Like winter jacket or boots, things that are on the pricier side – for my father we split the bill half & half.

    the one thing that is a must every year is my bookstore giftcard! As I don’t want a book I might not read, I prefer they give me a giftcard so I can pick myself ahah — or if I ave a specific book in mind, I might just ask that one too.

    Happy holidays xx

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