My Haircare Journey

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is the start of my new series on this blog – my haircare journey! I really enjoyed doing My Skincare Journey (check out those blog posts if you haven’t already) so I’ve decided to do a similar series! Like the other series, there will be monthly updates on my blog where I will be sharing new products and how my hair is doing! I hope you like this blog post and comment what hair products you use!

(Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash)

Why a Haircare Journey?

I’ve started a haircare journey because I want my hair to be more healthy. My hair isn’t damaged or particularly unhealthy but I think it could do with some extra care to make it more sleek and shiny!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Moisturising Hair Food Shampoo

I’ve heard good things about the Garnier hair food shampoo range so I decided to try out this shampoo. I chose the moisturising one (which has aloe vera and coconut in it) because my scalp can get quite dry so hopefully this shampoo will help with that!

Initial Thoughts

I’ve only used this shampoo once so it’s not had a big effect on my hair yet but I do think it has helped to moisturise my hair a little! I like that it foams up easily and doesn’t feel heavy on my hair! I will update you next month once I’ve used it more!

(I haven’t bought a special conditioner yet but I’m going to get one this month so look out for that in next month’s blog post)


I don’t usually use much heat on my hair (unless I’m using my hairdryer to dry my hair before bed) but I’m ensuring that I use a heat protection spray before! I’ve also got a shower comb which I’ve been using to comb my hair when it is wet so that I don’t damage my hair with my normal hairbrush!

Pantene Repair & Protect Hair Mask

I haven’t really used a hair mask before but I’m going to try and use it once a week to see if it helps my hair! This product sounds really good so hopefully it will make my hair more shiny!

Extra Steps I Am Taking

  • Wearing hair in a ponytail for sleeping (not sure if this will have an effect on my hair but we’ll see)
  • Using cold water on my hair at end of a shower
  • Making sure not to use too much shampoo/conditioner on my hair

(If you have any other steps I could take, please leave them in the comments)!

Check out my Haircare Tips For Healthy Hair blog post for some advice if you want to start your own haircare journey!

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14 thoughts on “My Haircare Journey

  1. I started braiding my hair before bed each night at the start of the year and it has made a big difference in reducing split ends! My hair has also grown a significant amount since I started more frequently trimming it (once every three months or so) on the new moon. 🙂

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