Halloween Beauty Ideas

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about Halloween beauty ideas! So you’ve picked out your Halloween costume (if you haven’t yet, check out my Halloween Costume Ideas 2021 blog post), what next? Well here’s some hair and makeup ideas for your Halloween look! Halloween is the best time to do bold makeup looks and different hairstyles! I hope you like this blog post and comment your favourite Halloween beauty idea!

(Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash)


The hairstyle you choose for your Halloween look can vary depending on what costume you’re wearing but general Halloween up-dos you could do are pigtails, a messy bun or space buns (for Halloween, the messier the better). You could even wear a wig or use a wash out hair dye if you want to go full out for your Halloween look!


There’s so many different nail colours you could choose! You could go with the traditional red/black or a bright orange/green coloured nail polish (there’s even glow in the dark nail polishes which would be great for Halloween)! Also, you could add Halloween nail art to your nails like bats or mini pumpkins!


You don’t have do your base makeup any differently but if you want to go for a scary Halloween look, you could get some fake blood or use face paint to create a gruesome look (make sure it doesn’t stain your face). If you want a less bold look, you could use a lighter foundation shade for a pale effect or use more blush/bronzer than usual!

Photo by SHAYAN rti on Unsplash


Halloween is the best time to wear dramatic eye makeup! Dark eye shadow shades like black, reds, browns, or oranges are great for Halloween and the secret is it doesn’t have to be perfectly blended because it’s supposed to look messy for a Halloween look (which is great)! Also, you could use an eyeliner to create a bold wing to make your eye makeup even more dramatic! False lashes also help to make your eye makeup more bold!


I would say dark shades are best for Halloween looks but it also depends on what eye makeup you’re wearing! It could be a red, brown or even black (if you want something completely different for Halloween) coloured lip product. You could choose either a matte or gloss finish depending on your preference!

For more Halloween look ideas, check out my How To Create Halloween Outfits From Your Wardrobe blog post!

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