The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my workout playlist! As mentioned in my Fitness Essentials blog post, listening to music motivates me to workout and to go further or faster! I’ve included a range of artists in this playlist so hopefully you find some songs that you like! Comment some songs on your workout playlist!

(Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash)

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

This song gives me so much motivation to workout. I always listen to it on the treadmill because it’s a good tempo and it makes running more fun! I also have an entire Taylor Swift workout playlist because loads of her songs are great for workouts!

Sweet Melody by Little Mix

I like how this song builds up in tempo so you can start off fairly slow and by the end of the song, you go faster! This is also such a great song in general that I don’t get bored of!

Kiwi by Harry Styles

I love this song and it’s so good to listen to while exercising! It’s great if you do intervals where you walk and then run because the verses aren’t too slow but definitely make a good walking pace!

Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo

The chorus is so energetic and it has a fast tempo which is perfect for exercising! However, the last part is pretty slow so I usually try to play it during the last part of my workout or skip the slow part!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Green Light by Lorde

This song definitely makes me want to run faster because of the fast tempo and lively music! Another great song to listen to while doing a workout is Solar Power by Lorde!

Physical by Dua Lipa

A great song to add to your workout playlist because it’s fast paced the whole song and fun to listen to! There’s also lots of other great workout songs on Future Nostalgia!

Nice To Meet Ya by Niall Horan

This song is so motivating and the chorus of the song is the most motivating part! I love running to this song because it’s very energetic!

Side To Side by Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

Exercising to this song makes me feel like I’m in the music video (if you know, you know). Nicki’s rap verse is the best part to play when exercising and I just love listening to this song during workouts!

For some workout tips, make sure to check out my How To Be Motivated To Workout and my Workout Tips blog posts!

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