Fashion Wishlist – Autumn 2021

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my autumn fashion wishlist for this year! This is my 150th blog post which is crazy so thank you so much to everyone that reads my blog posts! Another thank you for all of the support on my fashion wishlists! It makes me so happy because I love writing these posts! As I’ve mentioned before, autumn fashion is my favourite because there’s so many different styles to try out! I hope you like this post and comment what’s on your autumn fashion wishlist!

Disclaimer – the links below are not affiliate links. I have included them so that you can view the items mentioned and purchase them if you want (I don’t make any commission).

(Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash)

ASOS DESIGN Button Through Fluffy Boxy Cardigan In Cream

I love wearing cardigans in autumn (which I mentioned in my Jackets To Wear In Autumn blog post) because they keep you warm and go with loads of different outfits! This cardigan is very simple but it looks so nice! The buttons are a medium size and adds a bit of colour to the cardigan which I love! I wouldn’t usually go for a v-neck cardigan/jumper but the v-neck isn’t too long and it would actually show more of my t-shirt underneath. I want to get a white cardigan as I only have black and grey cardigans and white would look great with some light blue jeans!

Black Spotted Trousers – H&M

Autumn is the best season to wear trousers because they are light and fashionable! I love H&M trousers because they are really good quality, have nice designs/styles and they aren’t too expensive! I really like these trousers because I like straight leg trousers and black and white is the perfect colour combination for trousers! Also, the elasticated waist and pockets are great additions to these trousers! Patterned trousers and a plain t-shirt (or shirt) looks nice for lots of occasions.

Pink Ribbed Fluffy Knit Jumper – New Look

I love this jumper because it’s not too oversized/cropped and the ribbed material is really good! This jumper comes loads of different colours like blue, off white and green but I love this pink one as it’s a lovely shade of pink! This jumper is great to wear for going out because it’s not too casual and you could definitely dress it up!

Miss Selfridge Petite Checkered Mini Skirt In Pink

This is a nice skirt because it is a very subtle pink colour and the checkered pattern looks cool! It’s starting to get too cold to just wear a skirt on it’s own but you can pair it with some nude or black tights! I definitely prefer mini skirts as long as they’re not too short which this skirt isn’t! This skirt would be great for a special occasion with a denim jacket!

Check out my Autumn Fashion Staples blog post for some more autumn fashion inspiration!

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