Jackets To Wear This Autumn

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about jackets to wear this autumn! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for fashion and I can’t wait to start wearing autumnal clothes soon! I’ve started buying clothes for autumn so I thought I’d give you some autumn jacket inspiration in this post! I mostly wear jackets in autumn because of the cooler weather here in the UK and it’s not the weather for coats yet! I hope you like this post and comment your favourite autumn jacket!

(Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash)


I really like shackets because they are very fashionable and you can get them in lots of different styles! If you want some shacket inspiration, check out my Fashion Wishlist – Spring Edition where I shared 2 of my favourite shackets. I bought my first shacket a few months ago and I’ve been wearing it a lot on colder days this summer!

Denim Jackets

I wear denim jackets often because they are suitable for lots of different occasions! You can wear it for a night out with a skirt/trousers or you can wear it for an everyday look with leggings! I own a blue denim jacket and I really want to get a black denim jacket at some point because black goes with more different outfits!

Leather Jackets

I don’t own a leather jacket but they look cool so maybe I’ll try one at some point! They are quite expensive but definitely worth the money if you get one because it would look great with a dress and night outfits! My favourite is definitely a black leather jacket (but I also love pink/nude ones as well)!


Cardigans keep you warm in autumn and they also look great! You could get a woolly cardigan for winter and casual outfits or you could get a smarter cardigan and wear it for special occasions. I recently bought a black cardigan from H&M for autumn and I can’t wait to style it!

Zip-Up Hoodies

Hoodies are a staple for autumn fashion! I could honestly buy a hoodie in every colour because I wear hoodies a lot! My go to casual outfit in autumn is a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans because it’s simple but nice for autumn time! They are also great to wear for exercising in autumn/winter!

Look out for more autumn fashion blog posts in the next few weeks including my regular seasonal fashion blog post…

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32 thoughts on “Jackets To Wear This Autumn

  1. Great list! I love my denim jacket so much – they’re so versatile – and, like you, would love to get a black one. I currently have a pink leather jacket that I don’t wear too much but I’d love to get a black version of that too! Thanks for sharing x

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  2. I adore my leather jacket so much. Can’t wait to slim down a bit so I can wear it more comfortably. I have a jean jacket too, I love it over a hoodie during Autumn and Winter. Thank you for sharing these suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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