How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to build an effective skincare routine! I recently posted my own Skincare Routine and I wanted to share with you some tips on how I managed to get to that routine! Having a skincare routine is important because it keeps your skin healthy and prevents breakouts. I’m not a skincare expert but I wanted to share the tips that I’ve learned and I hope they are helpful! I hope you like this post and comment tips on how you found your skincare routine!

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Understanding Your Skin Type

Your skin type is vital for choosing your skincare products because if you repeatedly use products for the wrong skin type, it could have negative effects on your skin. I struggled understanding my skin type for a while but I monitored my skin for signs of dry, oily or sensitive skin and started trialing products based on the skin type I thought I had. For example, I have oily to combination skin so I try to find products that prevent oiliness and moisturise my skin a little.

Creating Skincare Goals

Creating skincare goals can help you achieve healthier and flawless skin. It could be something like reducing acne, oiliness or brightening your skin. My main skincare goals are reducing acne and redness so I chose skincare products containing ingredients such as niacinamide and salicylic acid that help with acne and redness!

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

Do Research

The main reason I discovered the products I needed for my skincare routine and the inspiration for a new skincare routine was through research! You can use resources like YouTube videos, social media, blogs and the internet to help you find products that have worked for people with similar skin types or goals. It can also help you find out if you can use certain products/ingredients in the same skincare routine.

Add/Change Products

Some products that worked for other people might not work for you so changing products that are ineffective/worsening your skin is really important for finding your skincare routine! When I did My Skincare Journey blog post series, I changed up quite a lot of my original products and added new products to help find what worked for my skin!

Considering The Season/Weather

The season or weather can have a big effect on your skin so using different products for each season is helpful to keep your skin healthy! Summer and winter are the most drastic changes for your skin so make sure to check out my Summer Skincare Routine and How To Look After Your Skin This Winter blog posts for some advice!

Creating An AM & A PM Skincare Routine

It’s important to have both a day and night skincare routine because there are certain products that should only be used at a specific time of day and there’s some products that need to be used twice a day for maximum effect! For example, SPF should only be used in the morning to protect your skin from UV rays and a night cream or heavier moisturiser should be used at night because it has longer to soak into your skin before applying any other products.

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26 thoughts on “How To Build An Effective Skincare Routine

  1. It’s so important to look after our skin and get into a good routine that does that. I think after much trial and error I’ve managed to find one that works for me (if I’m consistent with it) and it has made such a difference. Thanks for these extra tips — very useful!

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  2. Love that you mentioned knowing your own skin type ! Not every Beauty Vloggers skincare routine is gonna work for you. You have to know your own skin, what you want to focus on so that you know what ingredients you need to meet your skincare goals !

    Thank you for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a great read! I think it took me so long to find the right product as I tried everything I got my hands on when I started, but after some research, it really helped my skin! A skincare routine is now such an important step of my day x

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