My Gym Routine

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is my gym routine! This is the routine I usually follow when I’m at the gym but sometimes I change or add exercises for variation and depending on how I feel! At the moment, I normally go to the gym once a week for an hour to 1 hour 15 mins and do other workouts throughout the week (check out my What I Do In A Week – Fitness Edition blog post to see what other workouts I do). I hope you like this post and comment if you go to the gym (and your gym routine).

(Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash)

Exercise Bike

To start off my gym session, I usually go on the exercise bike as a warm up before doing more cardio workouts! Even though it’s a warm up, I try to go fast to get the most out of my workout and get the rest of the gym session to a good start!


I start off by doing a 5 minute walk on an incline as a mini warm up. Then I usually do 15-20 minute run and I try to increase the speed every 5 minutes! Finally, I do another 5 minute walk on an incline to recover and finish! I’ve only recently started to use small inclines on the treadmill and it makes the first and last part of the workout more challenging.

Elliptical Machine

A elliptical machine is basically where you walk or run up stairs. I do 10-15 minutes on this machine and I like to do this after going on the treadmill because it’s less intense than running but it’s still a good cardio workout that works both your arms and legs! Sometimes if I have extra time at the end of my gym session, I will go on the cross trainer which is similar to an elliptical but it is just for working the legs.

Weight Machines

I’ve only recently started adding weights into my gym routine and it’s been really good. I like to do 3 x 10 reps of each machine with a short rest in between each set! Normally, I do an arm weight machine and then a leg weight machine repeated so my arms/legs have a bit of time to rest while I’m working on the other one!

Let me know if you want to see a gym tips for beginners blog post as I can share some of the tips I have learned!

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13 thoughts on “My Gym Routine

  1. I loved reading this lol. I’m not so much of an exercise, gym person. I know it’s good to exercise but exercise is not one of my favorite things to do. It’s nice that you go to the gym and exercise. I should try to exercise a little more often. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. Great routine! I don’t actually go to the gym but this has definitely inspired me to at least try – I took a spin class with a friend once a couple of years back and really enjoyed it, so maybe I should start! Thanks for sharing x

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  3. I live too far away to go to the gym so I do my workouts at home. I love alternating cardio workouts with weight training in between, and use our treadmill for light running and walking.
    Thanks for sharing your routine! 🙂

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