How I Stay Organised As A Blogger

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about how I stay organised as a blogger! I’ve been getting quite a few questions on my Instagram about how I manage my blog because I am also a student so I thought I would share my organisation tips! Being organised is important for me since I have quite a busy schedule a lot of the time! These tips could also be used for other things not just blogging! I hope you like this post and comment how you stay organised!

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Planning Blog Posts In Advance

This is something I’ve been doing a lot more this year and it is very helpful! Planning ahead means that I don’t have to worry about coming up with the blog post idea and I can just get straight to writing the blog post! I’ve even started planning my Christmas blog posts in August to save time and be prepared! I like to use Google Calendar to plan my blog posts because you can edit the event date easily and it’s simple to use!

Writing & Scheduling Blog Posts Before Busy Periods

I always prefer to write and schedule my blog posts a few days before they are published so I don’t get stressed about not having enough time. When I go on holiday or around special occasions, I always make sure to write and schedule all of the blog posts for those weeks so there’s still blog posts going up while I’m away!

Using Weekly Planners

Planning out my week makes me a lot more organised especially during busy time! I usually put aside part of the weekend to write my blog posts unless I’m busy which is why using my weekly planner helps! This is something I’d recommend to everyone because it helps to plan your time efficiently and you can see when you have free time. Also, look how cute this weekly planner is!

Writing Blog Posts When I Feel Motivated & Have A Lot Of Ideas

I also like to write down the key headings for my blog posts as they come to me so I don’t forget and it makes the writing process a lot quicker! Taking breaks (even if it’s just 15 mins) is really important because I feel calmer and ready to continue writing after! Sometimes if I don’t know what to write, I go and do something else for a while and then come back with fresh ideas!

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26 thoughts on “How I Stay Organised As A Blogger

  1. These are great tips! For some reason my thought process whenever I have a lot of inspiration is to “save” some posts for another time, then inevitably I get busy and don’t have time to write the posts I saved or forget what I wanted to say in them and they go in the forgotten blog post wasteland. I also recommend having a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas and flesh out blog post points; I have found this very helpful.

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  2. It is easy to get a little lost in the writing world; I know I felt like I was drifting instead of walking in a straight line when I started out. Planning a little in advance and scheduling posts has been a big help in giving myself more flexibility and room.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

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  3. Writing down key headers is a great idea! I hate when I have an idea for a post and then forget it later on when I’m ready to write because I didn’t write it down. The notes app on my phone has saved me!

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