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Staycation Essentials

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about staycation essentials! Staycations are popular at the moment since travelling abroad is tougher due to the pandemic so I’ve put together this list of essentials for your next trip! When this post is published, I will be on holiday so this post is inspired by that! I hope you like this post and comment your staycation essentials!

(Photo by STIL on Unsplash)


Bring a handbag, backpack or suitcase that can fit all of your things in it! Also, remember to bring smaller bags that you can use when going out places on your staycation! I usually bring a large handbag for packing most of my stuff and then a mini handbag for storing the essentials during the holiday!


You don’t need to bring all of your electricals on your staycation but definitely bring a few devices! Don’t forget to bring the chargers for each device as well! Make sure to bring a camera either a digital or you can just use phone camera to take photos on your staycation!

Things To Do

You could also bring some items like portable board games, books, magazines and more to do on the beach or on the journey. Check out my Things To Do On A Long Journey blog post for some ideas on what to do if you have a long journey!

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

Range of Clothing

Here in the UK, the weather is unpredictable so a range of clothing is important so that you can dress appropriate to the weather. You don’t have to go from one extreme to another but some warmer outfits and some colder outfits so you’re ready for whatever the weather is each day! Also, remember to bring some smarter outfits for going out to restaurants at night!

Makeup & Skincare

You want to look great on holiday so you could bring some makeup (if you want) and some makeup brushes! I like to bring a mixture natural makeup for the day and some bolder makeup for the night! Also, bring your daily skincare so you can keep up your skincare routine! Make sure to bring SPF/sunscreen especially in summer to protect your skin!


Make sure to bring a toiletries bag with everything you need like dental products, fragrances, hair products, shower products etc. You could try and get some mini sized toiletries for your staycation so you have more room in your bags!


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