July Favourites 2021

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my July favourites 2021! I love doing these monthly favourites blog posts because I can share the things I’ve been loving last month! I discovered some great TV, music and even a book last month! I hope you like this post and comment what your July Favourites are!


Black Widow

I went to see this film in cinemas and watched it on Disney+ last month and I love it! It is definitely in my top 3 marvel films! It’s so exciting and I love the characters in it! I didn’t know what to expect before I saw this movie but I enjoyed the movie a lot!

Marvel Studios Assembled

The making of Loki episode was so good! The Loki series has now finished (I really liked the series) and I like that one week later, we get a last behind the scenes episode! I loved how it had the backstory of the characters, behind the scenes with the actors and how the locations were made! I also watched the making of Wandavision episode and that was also very good (I still need to watch the Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode).


I am loving this TV show! There’s only been 3 episodes so far but it’s amazing! I decided to watch this because I love musicals and I really like how it is a comedy as well! The songs are so good and the characters are great! I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!

Other TV Shows/Movies I’ve Been Watching Last Month

  • New Girl
  • Friends
  • The Morning Show
  • The Originals
  • WandaVision & Loki
  • Thor: Ragnorok


Renegade By Big Red Machine Featuring Taylor Swift

This song is so good and it gives me folklore/evermore vibes! The lyrics are incredible and I love how there’s two different feelings to the song!

Therapy By Anne-Marie

I love this album! The songs are amazing and her vocals are incredible! I’ve been so excited for Kiss My (Uh Oh) featuring Little Mix and it definitely didn’t disappoint because I love that song! My other current favourites are x2, Breathing and Tell Your Girlfriend!


The Stranger By Harlen Coben

The first time I’ve included a book in my favourites! I got back into reading this month and this book helped me with that! I’ve seen the TV show over a year ago which I really liked and the book was amazing as well! I love how it has separate storylines and then towards the end, they start to link together! I am now rewatching the TV show because I forgot how good it was!

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