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How To Transform From A Day To A Night Look

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is all about how to transform from a day to a night look! In this post, there’s some mini outfit changes for summer nights when you don’t want to massively change your outfit from the daytime! Perfect when you’re on holiday and you don’t want to spend ages getting ready! I hope you like this post and comment your day to night look tips!

(Photo by STIL on Unsplash)

Add A Jacket

Although it is warm in summer, jackets are sometimes still needed especially at night when it gets cold! I like to wear a light cardigan or a denim jacket to go with my night outfit! It also looks fashionable as well with dresses!


Accessories can make your outfit even better for nighttime looks! There are so many accessories you can choose from to go with your outfit! You could change a tote bag to a clutch bag! Jewellery is also a great addition to an outfit because it’s a special touch!

Change One Item Of Clothing

If you’re wearing a nice top that you also want to wear at night, you could just change your bottoms to match the top and make the outfit more smart. You don’t have to change your whole outfit for a night look especially if you’re on holiday! I like to change jeans/shorts for trousers/skirt for a night look!

Change Footwear

Even just changing your shoes can make your outfit better for nighttime if you don’t want to change your outfit! You could change from trainers to heels (but make sure to bring some backup shoes just in case) if you want to make your outfit fancier!

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Bolder Makeup

Sometimes you don’t even need to change any aspects of your outfit, you can just add bolder makeup! I usually like to wear natural makeup in the day and then wear bolder makeup at night! You could add a bolder eyeshadow or lipstick to have a more dramatic look!

Different Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can transform your look a lot! If you wear your hair in a high ponytail for the daytime, you could curl or straighten your hair and leave it down to go with your look! Most of the time, I have my hair down during the day and I straighten it for length and sleekness for a nighttime look!


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16 thoughts on “How To Transform From A Day To A Night Look

  1. Great tips! I love the tip about changing one item to change your entire outfit, like adding a scarf or wearing heels instead of flats. Amazing how just one small change can accentuate your look to the next level!

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