My Skincare Journey – Part 7

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is part 7 of my skincare journey! Before reading this post, make sure to check out all of the previous parts here if you haven’t already to see what products I have been using! This month’s post features a new product and a update on this month’s skincare goals and how my skin is doing! Hope you like this post and comment what skincare products you are using at the moment!

(Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash)

This Months Goals

  • Eat healthier in the weekdays – this is a bit mixed! I wasn’t as healthy as I was last month but I’ve still been making healthier choices on weekdays most of the time! I’m going to try and aim to be more healthier at the start of next month!
  • Continue using a face mask at least once a week – Unfortunately, I haven’t been very good at doing this regularly this month. I did use a face mask for the first two weeks but I started to forget at the end. Next month, I’m going to try and do it every week again because it will help my skin quite a lot!
  • Drink 8 glasses each day including at least one glass of water – I have done this pretty much everyday of this month which I’m happy with! Somedays I’ve even been drinking more than one glass of water a day which is a big step for me (I used to hate drinking just water).
  • Use lip balm and hand cream every day – I have gotten into a routine of doing this every night which is great! Occasionally, I forget to use hand cream but I’ve definitely been using it a lot!

New Product

Me+ Salicylic Acid Cleanser

I saw this product recommended on Instagram and I had to try it because I couldn’t find my old body cleanser anymore in stores. I’m really liking this product and I think it’s clearing up my body acne. Originally, I was going to use my soap first and then use this afterwards but I’ve decided to alternate between the two products each day! I’m definitely going to continue to use this product because it’s amazing!

Skin Update

My skin is doing quite well at the moment! I have a few breakouts on my face but hopefully they will go away soon! My body acne has improved most this month (probably because of the new product).

This is going to be my last skincare journey update post because I’ve finally found a routine and skincare products that I’m going to continue using! My skin isn’t clear but it has improved a lot in the last 7 months! I might do mini updates in my monthly favourites blog posts (comment if you want to see that) but this is my final post for the series! Thank you so much for all of the advice and support on these posts! It means a lot to me and I’ve really enjoyed doing this series!

Goals For The Future

  • Use a face mask once a week
  • Try and eat healthy on weekdays
  • Use a lip balm and hand cream every day
  • Drink more water

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3 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey – Part 7

  1. The more frequent use of hand cream and lip balm is a practice I’m forever trying to put into practice.

    I’d say congrats on maintaining this on your skincare journey!

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