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Fun Activities To Do This Summer

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about fun activities to do this summer! I can’t wait for summer because I love summer weather and I’m looking forward to my summer plans! The activities in the post are simple but fun and suitable for many different occasions! I hope you like this post and comment what your plans are for this summer!

(Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash)

Have A Picnic

Picnics are perfect for catching up with friends or family, eating your favourite foods and enjoying the outside! I love picnics because the picnic food is so nice and you can sit outside on a sunny day. Make sure to pack some snacks and go to your local park for a picnic!

Go On A Day/Weekend Trip

Day or weekend trips are a great way to explore a new town or city in a short space of time. Why not visit a place where you’ve never been to this summer! You could visit the tourist attractions or just relax on the beach.

Go To A Theme Park

Theme parks are a really fun activity for summer! The rides at theme parks are so fun and it’s a cool experience. Even if you’re not a big ride person, there’s smaller rides or there might be other activities for you to do! I’ve been to many theme parks and they make a great day out for all!

Watch A Movie At The Cinemas

If the weather isn’t great or you just fancy doing something indoors, then going to the cinema is a good activity! There are lots of exciting movie releases this summer for everyone to enjoy!

Practice A Sport

This is a great indoors or outdoors activity! Find a sport you enjoy and get active! If you’re going on holiday this year, there might be a chance to do a new sport on holiday which is fun! Last summer, I did a workout challenge (you can check out the blog post here) and it was really good so I might try and do it again this year!

Go Shopping For Summer Clothes

This could be online or going to a shopping centre! You could have a shopping day with friends/family and go to a restaurant for food. I’m excited to do this soon because I need some new summer clothes and I enjoy shopping!


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