Songs In My On Repeat Playlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is songs in my on repeat playlist on Spotify! I listen to a lot of music and these songs are my favourite songs at the moment! There’s a mixture of new and older songs and a few different artists. I hope you like this post and comment what songs are in your on repeat playlist (or just songs that you play a lot).

(Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash)

Confetti (feat. Saweetie) & Confetti – Acoustic By Little Mix

Confetti is an amazing song and both of these versions are incredible! My favourite version is definitely the acoustic version because I love the vocals in that version!

Don’t Blame Me & King Of My Heart By Taylor Swift

These songs are from the album Reputation which is my favourite Taylor Swift album! Both of these songs are incredible and the vocals are amazing! I love listening to these two songs!

Treat People With Kindness & Lights Up By Harry Styles

These are my favourite songs from ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles. I used to listen to Lights Up so many times because I loved it and it’s still amazing! Treat People With Kindness is a recent favourite that I had underappreciated until now because it’s such a fun song!

If You Want My Love & Breathe By Little Mix

I’ve been obsessed with If You Want My Love since ‘Confetti’ by Little Mix was released because it’s an amazing song! Breathe is also amazing and there are so many parts of this song that I really like!

I know Places & Mr Perfectly Fine By Taylor Swift

I would say these are my two favourite Taylor Swift songs of all time! The amount of times that I’ve played both of these songs will probably be so high. They are absolutely incredible and I will not get tired of listening to them!

Image by Norbert Buduczki on Unsplash

Deja vu, brutal, jealousy, jealousy, happier, good 4 u, traitor, drivers license & favorite crime By Olivia Rodrigo

As I mentioned in my May Favourites blog post, I have been loving Olivia’s album ‘SOUR’ and I listen to it all the time! These are my favourite songs from the album and I love how they are all so different but they work well together.

Not Mad Anymore, Save Myself, I’m Fine, Me Without You, When I’m Older & Serial Monogamist By Ashe

Since Ashe’s debut album ‘Ashlyn’ came out, I have been listening to it pretty much every day especially these songs! They are my go-to favourite songs from the album!

Cruel Summer, Right Where You Left Me By Taylor Swift

These are the last two Taylor Swift songs in my on repeat playlist! My most recent on repeat song is Right Where You Left Me which I’ve loved since I first heard it but I kind of forgot about it until recently.

Dancing With The Devil By Demi Lovato

This is a song that I discovered during my I Listened To A New Song Every Day challenge! It’s probably not in my top 10 most played songs at the moment but I still really like it and listen to it regularly. The song is so good and their vocals are incredible!

Our Song By Niall Horan & Anne-Marie, Heartbreak Anthem By Little Mix, David Guetta & Galantis, Moral Of The Story By Ashe (featuring Niall Horan)

These are my favourite collaborations at the moment! They are by some of my favourite artists and I’ve been listening to them a lot! Moral Of The Story has probably been in my on repeat playlist since it came out last year because I love it!

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16 thoughts on “Songs In My On Repeat Playlist

  1. Looove this post, I listen to music every hour of the day! on my repeat list is lots of Taylor Swift (like you), lots of Carrie Underwood and oddly, some McFly hahah an ecclectic mix!


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  2. I love Taylor Swift soooooooo much, she just always finds a way to give me joy. This is one of my favorite post of yours. To me this is a amazing post I just love music. The only thing I would say is amazon music is a great music app, and I’ve always been a amazon music kinda girl😎.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh I love literally every single song on here!! All the Taylor Swift songs are amazing because Taylor is amazing and then I also really love Breathe and Lights Up, love your music taste haha 💞xx

    Liked by 1 person

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