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My Disney+ Watchlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about my Disney+ watchlist! I watch a lot of Disney+ but I want to watch different shows/movies. I did a Netflix Watchlist blog post at the start of this month so go and check that out for some recommendations! Also make sure to check out my What To Watch On Disney+ blog post that I did pretty recently to see what I’ve been watching on Disney+. I hope you like this post and comment what is on your Disney+ watchlist!

(Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash)


How I Met Your Mother

I love sitcoms so I definitely think I’ll enjoy this TV Show! I’ve heard lots of good things about this show so I really want to watch it soon! It has some great actors and I’m sure that there will be great cameos in it as well!

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve seen so many people talk about this show and although it is quite different from TV shows I usually watch, I think I’ll like it! It has a lot of seasons but I want to watch it (probably when I have a lot of free time) to see what the hype is about!

Pretty Woman

This is a classic film that I’ve never seen! I haven’t heard much about this movie but it sounds interesting so I’ll have to watch it at some point!


Agents Of Shield

I actually started watching this last year (only a few episodes which I can’t remember now) but I wasn’t as much as a marvel fan back then and I don’t think I gave it a proper chance. I’m really intrigued to see what this is like because I love marvel movies/TV shows!

X-Men Movies

I’ve probably seen at least one of these movies but I didn’t watch it properly! I think that I would really like these movies now since I enjoy marvel a lot. It sounds really interesting and the actors are really good! I’m definitely going to try and watch this series of movies soon!

Photo by Clément M on Unsplash



I love musicals so this sounds great! I’ve wanted to watch this for a while now as I added this to my watchlist quite a long time ago! I think this is a modern musical and I haven’t seen many modern musicals so this would be a good start! I might have a listen to the soundtrack before to see if I will like it!

Black Is King

This is a film from Beyoncé that I’ve wanted to watch for a while! Beyoncé is an amazing singer and I loved her Homecoming film on Netflix! I know that this will be amazing so I’m definitely going to watch it at some point!


This is a mini TV show where different musicals are performed each episode! Kristen Bell (who I love) is in it which is cool! Looking through the episode titles/descriptions, I can see some musicals that I really like so I’m excited to watch this!


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6 thoughts on “My Disney+ Watchlist

  1. I love how you always start with “hello! Hope you’re okay”, and I enjoyed you’re blog post. I hope you’re okay, too. Have a happy, happy day to you. And my fave Disney show is High school musical: the musical: the series.

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