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My Skincare Journey – Part 6

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is part 6 of my skincare journey! I can’t believe that I’m six months into my skincare journey already! Make sure to check out all of the previous parts here if you haven’t already! In this month’s post, I will be showing the new products that I have been using this month and updating you on how my skin is currently doing! I hope you like this post and comment what skincare products you having been loving recently.

(Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash)

Last Month’s Goals

  • Try to be healthy at least two days a week
  • Use a hand cream pretty much every day
  • Drink one glass of water and eight drinks per day
  • Continue using a face mask every week

I have done quite well with my goals this month! I’ve been using a face mask every week, using my hand cream pretty much every day and drinking eight drinks per day including a glass of water most of the time. I have definitely been more healthy this month compared to last month by making healthier choices but I want to try and be more healthier next month!

New Products

The Inkey List Lactic Acid Exfoliating Serum

I brought this to try and get rid of blackheads on my t-zone area and I’ve been using it once a week as an exfoliator. I’m not seeing a huge improvement at the moment but I will keep using it next month and see if it helps my t-zone. The product seems good but it is a very small bottle however you only need to use a few drops each time.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Face Mask

I’m really liking this new face mask! I ran out of another face mask from the same range (check out part 1 to see which one) and I decided to try a different face mask from the same range. I prefer this one currently because it feels a lot nicer on my skin because it has thinner consistency than the other one. I think it is helping my skin more because it is for helping with acne so I’m going to continue using it once a week!

Skin Update

My skin is doing pretty well at the moment! I have some acne on my face but I think that is caused by wearing a mask a lot. I’m going to make sure to continue using the same products on my face and hopefully it helps! I ran out of the body gel that I was using for my body acne at the start of last month but I have now purchased a new product (which I will be testing out this month so make sure to look out for next month’s post). My body acne has definitely got better since a few months ago so I’m going to use the new product alongside my soap and hopefully it improves even more!

Next Month’s Goals

  • Eat healthier in the weekdays
  • Continue using a face mask at least once a week
  • Drink 8 glasses each day including at least one glass of water
  • Use lip balm and hand cream every day

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18 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey – Part 6

  1. It’s great that your skin is doing well! I am having the same issue if I wear my face mask for a long time at work but better safe! Really hope you can achieve all your goals x

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  2. If you haven’t already, I’ve found that drinking from an oversized tumbler throughout the day makes it much easier to reach my water goals. Plus my cup is sparkly and cute so that’s an added bonus, haha. 😂

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