I Listened To A New Song Every Day For A Month – Part 2

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is part 2 of listening to a new song every day for a month! Make sure to check out part 1 before you read this post for more new songs (thank you for all of the love on the first part). This was a really fun challenge for me as I love discovering new music from my favourite artists or new artists! I hope you like this part and comment if you are going to do this challenge in the future (or you might even be doing it for this month)!

(Photo by Héctor Achautla on Unsplash)

16th – If You Love Her By Forest Blakk & Meghan Trainor

This sounds like an interesting song! I love Meghan’s old songs and she is a great singer so I want to listen to her new music!

Thoughts – Incredible song! It is a slow and emotional song which I really like! Nice vocals by Forest Blakk at the beginning (reminds me of Ed Sheeran) and Meghan’s vocals are amazing. The lyrics are really good and the chorus is incredible! The song progresses nicely and the accompaniment is beautiful!

17th – F*kn Around By Darren Criss

I discovered Darren Criss from glee and I love his acting! I’ve never heard his songs but he’s a really good singer so I’m looking forward to hearing this!

Thoughts – Great song! It has a unique sound and the vocals are amazing! The chorus is incredible and I love the mixture of pop/rock! It’s an energetic & upbeat song with great lyrics!

18th – Wonder by Shawn Mendes

This is an album that I’ve mentioned wanting to listen to in many blog posts and I’ve finally got round to it! I’ve already heard wonder and monster from the album (wonder is my favourite song so far).

Thoughts – Amazing album! I love the contrast in the intro from gentle and slow to upbeat (mirrored in the songs on the album – some chill, some upbeat/fun). The vocals are incredible (especially the falsettos). The production is amazing and love the vibes of this album! I really like all of the contrasts/changes in the songs.

Fav songs – Higher (love the story and lyrics), Teach Me How To Love (the chorus is incredible), Song For No One (emotional and beautiful) and Piece Of You.

19th – Save Your Tears By The Weeknd

Blinding lights was a great song by The Weeknd and I’ve heard that this is also a really good song! I definitely want to listen to this song!

Thoughts – Great song! It’s very catchy (the chorus is my favourite part) and it has great lyrics! It’s a chill but also upbeat song which is so cool!

Feature thoughts (25th) – I think I like the feature version the most! Love Ariana’s verse and her vocals are amazing (love the high notes/high vocals). Their vocals blend really well together (shown in their first collab on Ariana’s song Love Me Harder)

20th – Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers

I’ve never listened to any of her songs but I’ve heard that her music is similar to Taylor Swift so I’m curious to hear her song!

Thoughts – Great song! Really good vocals and I really like her style of singing! The lyrics are amazing and it reminds me of folklore (by Taylor Swift). The chorus is incredible and I love the harmonies!

Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash

21st – Baile Conmingo (Dance With Me) By Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro

Selena has a great voice and heard a few of her older songs (I really like them). I’m interested about her latest release as it’s different from her previous songs!

Thoughts – Great song! The lyrics are catchy (I understood it more seeing the lyrics rather than just hearing it because I’m not fluent in Spanish yet) especially the chorus! Great vocals and love the blend of the voices.

22nd – Sociopath By Olivia O’Brien

I’ve heard her song Hate u Love u and I really like that song! I was recommended this song on my Spotify so I thought I’d listen to it!

Thoughts – Amazing song! The opening is so cool and she has great vocals (especially in the bridge)! Love the feel of the song and it’s very catchy!

23rd – When I’m Older By Ashe

Ashe is an incredible artist and I love her song I’m Fine (mentioned in part 1) so I’m very excited to hear this!

Thoughts – Love this song so much! Very atmospheric with emotional and moving lyrics! The vocals are amazing and I love the simple accompaniment!

24th – All Your Exes By Julia Michaels

I’ve heard If The World Was Ending before and that was really good! This song sounds so cool (it’s her second latest song and might listen to her latest song if I like this song).

Thoughts – Amazing song! Great vocals and the accompaniment is nice! The lyrics are incredible and powerful! My favourite parts are the chorus and bridge.

25th – Six The Musical

This song was recommended to me on the previous part and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this musical! I wanted to feature another musical album in this month so I chose this one!

Thoughts – Amazing album (very different to musicals that I usually watch/listen to but I really like it)! The opening and closing to the album is so dramatic and cool! Amazing vocals by all of the characters and love how the songs are similar but have some differences! The first song introduces the story really well and I really like how it’s based on an old story but it has modern influences! I like the mixture between dance/upbeat songs and slow/moving songs!

Favourite songs – No Way, Heart Of Stone (empowering and dramatic) and All You Wanna Do.

26th – You by Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae

You Broke Me First is an amazing song and I want to listen to more music by Tate McRae! I don’t think I’ve heard any music from the other two artists but I’ve heard of Troye Sivan!

Thoughts – Really good song! It’s a very catchy & upbeat song! Great vocals by Tate & Troye and the lyrics are cool. I especially love the bridge!

27th – Starstruck By Years & Years

Current UK no. 1 but I’ve never heard it till now! I’ve heard one or two songs from Years & Years but I don’t remember them very well but I’m interested to hear this!

Thoughts – Amazing song! It’s a feel good, dance song which I really like! The lyrics are great and I get why it’s popular at the moment (very fun song)!

28th – Baby By Madison Beer

I loved her song Selfish which I heard quite a while ago now! She has amazing vocals and I definitely want to listen to the rest of her latest album at some point!

Thoughts – Really good song! It reminds me of an Ariana song and it’s very uplifting and fun! Great vocals and I especially love the chorus!

29th – Your Power by Billie Eilish

This song was released on this day and it is part of her new album! Love Billie’s last album so I’m excited for this new song!

Thoughts – Love this song! The intro, bridge and accompaniment are amazing! Her vocals are so angelic and amazing. Incredible lyrics and it is really emotional and moving!

30th – Confetti By Little Mix ft Saweetie

This is a re-recorded remix of the title song from their latest album Confetti! I’ve not heard any of Saweetie’s music but I love the original version of confetti so I’m excited to hear this!

Thoughts – I love this so much! The vocals are incredible (I love the added vocals they are amazing)! The feature is really good and fits well with the song (although I do miss the old bridge a little). I also love the music video to this song!

Favourite Songs

  • When I’m Older
  • Confetti
  • Your Power

Let me know if you want to see more song challenges similar to this!

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18 thoughts on “I Listened To A New Song Every Day For A Month – Part 2

  1. I must confess my favorite song of this month is Save your Tears, with Sociopath as a close second. Another one I have been enjoying lately is Ava Max’s My Head and My Heart. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This sounds like such a fun project! I’m currently doing a project where I listen to the whole discographies of 10 artists :- ) I saw Years & Years live and they were amazing ❤

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