My Favourite YouTube Channels & Series

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about my favourite YouTube channels & series! I watch YouTube a lot and the channels/series that I’m going to mention in this blog post today are my go to things to watch. I hope you like this post and comment what your favourite YouTube channel/series is!

(Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash)

YouTube Channels

Anastasia Kingsnorth

I have been watching Anastasia for at least 3 years now and her videos are amazing (both old and new)! I love her range of videos such as vlogs, lifestyle, home and more! I especially really like her recent moving out series because I love seeing house tours and it will be helpful for when I get my own place in the future!


Sophdoeslife (used to be sophdoesnails) is one of my favourite YouTubers because I love her videos! Her makeup videos are great because her product reviews are honest and I discover a lot of new makeup from her videos! She has also released a makeup palette in collaboration with makeup revolution (which you might of seen in posts such as Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes You Need) and it’s incredible! She is also a swiftie so I enjoy watching her videos reacting to the latest Taylor Swift single/album!

YouTube Series

Elle Song Association

I love this series so much! Not only do I love seeing my favourite celebrities doing this challenge, I also really enjoy playing along because it’s really fun (I’m actually decent at it). If you didn’t already know, song association is where you are given a word and you have 10 seconds to come up with a song that has that lyric in it! I’ve watched so many videos from this series (there’s actually 8 seasons so far) because loads of amazing celebrities have done it! The most recent video that I watched was Olivia Rodrigo’s video and I loved it because she is such a great artist and she sang lots of my favourite songs in it!

Wired Autocomplete Interview

This is my latest YouTube series obsession because I have watched so many of these videos recently! I love seeing my favourite actors doing this and it’s so interesting to find out more about the actors! This is a series where actors answer questions that have been searched about them on Google. One of my favourites is Elisabeth Olsen’s Autocomplete Interview because she is one of my favourite actors and she is so funny! I currently have loads of unwatched videos from this series in my watch later on YouTube and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of them!

BBC1’s Unpopular Opinion

I have watched pretty much all of these videos and they are so fun! It’s where listeners of the radio station call in and give their unpopular opinions and then the celebrities/radio presenter react to these unpopular opinions. There are some shocking unpopular opinions and there are also ones that I completely agree with! My favourite videos from this series are Niall Horan’s and Paul Rudd’s videos because they are some of my favourite celebrities!

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