Makeup Brands That I Love

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about makeup brands/ranges that I love! The brands in this post are brands that I have a lot of products from or just some products that I love! Recently, I’ve been trying to not to buy makeup from brands that test on animals (except one or two brands) and hopefully in the future, all of the brands that I purchase from will be cruelty free! I hope you like this post and comment what your favourite makeup brand is!

(Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Makeup Revolution

I probably brought some of my first makeup products from makeup revolution (remember the £1 lipsticks) and I still buy a lot of makeup from them now! They are a cruelty free brand (which is great) and they have done collaborations with some of my favorite youtubers/shows! Their products are affordable and really good quality. My favourite product that I own would probably be my Soph X Revolution eyeshadow palette because I use it all the time and there are so many looks you can create with it!


Kiko is an amazing makeup brand that I have many products from and it is pretty affordable! If you’ve read any of my previous makeup blog posts, you’ll know that I love their smart lipsticks (especially shade 403)! I’ve also tried some of their eyeshadow quads, mascara and foundation! I really liked these products and I definitely want to repurchase the foundation (maybe in a lighter shade than before) because it had great coverage!


I have so many products from maybelline that I love! My favourite product has to be their mascaras because they are amazing! I’ve probably owned at least 3 of their mascaras and I’ve really liked them all. I think I’ve tried everything from base to eye makeup from maybelline and they’ve all been great products that I would repurchase. I haven’t tried any of their lipsticks/lip glosses but I used to be obsessed with their baby lips lip balms many years ago!

NYX Cosmetics

I only have a few products from NYX but I use them a lot! The #thisiseverything lip oil is one of my go-to lip products because it is incredible! I’ve wanted to buy one of the ultimate eyeshadow palettes for a while now because they look so nice! The first product that I purchased from NYX would probably be a pink butter gloss lip gloss because it was very popular at the time and I really liked it!

Sleek Makeup

Again, this is another brand that I don’t have many makeup products from but I really like the products that I own and there are many products that I would like to buy from that brand! Sleek is another cruelty free brand and I got most of my products from Sleek in Christmas sales. I’ve tried their highlighting palette, mini eyeshadows and mascara and they are all very good! I would like to try their i-divine eyeshadow palettes because they look so pretty!

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38 thoughts on “Makeup Brands That I Love

  1. I have some favorite brands that are not cruelty free, and I feel guilty for buying them because their products are so good! One switch I made is from Maybelline to Covergirl because Covergirl is now cruelty free. So far, I really like the Covergirl products I’ve tried, but I’ve always been a Maybelline fan.

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  2. I’m the same as you, I’m also trying to make the switch to only cruelty free brands – I didn’t realise that so many of my favourites still test on animals so it’s involving a lot of research. I absolutely love Revolution’s products, they’re such good quality and they’re super affordable too. I’ve tried quite a few bits from their skincare range too and they’ve been really good! X

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  3. I really appreciate when cosmetics are made cruelty-free. These all look like great products and ones that I’d like to try. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Only just tried my first pieces from makeup revolution but I love the sound of that soph palette! The friends collection is so cute too x

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  5. NYX is one of my favorite makeup brands too & I don’t have many products from Sleek Makeup, but they’re a good brand! I think my all-time favorite brand is Tarte because I LOVE their eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealer, blushes & mascara!

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  6. I am trying too to switch to everything that is cruelty-free and vegan and was pleasantly surprised that a lot of company are doing the switch now! I never heard of Sleek, so will check them out x

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  7. I love Makeup Revolution & Maybelline. I’m not sure about Kiko, coz I live in India & I haven’t heard this brand before. But if it supplies to India, then I’m definitely going to check them out!

    Keep writing! Stay Gorgeous! ❤


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  8. Also, just wanted to let you know, I’m having some problem in following you (idk why this is happening), so I’ll try to follow you tomorrow. Hope you won’t mind! ❤
    Lots of love from India<3

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