A Guide On How To Organise Your Beauty Products

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to organise your makeup products! If you have lots of makeup and skincare products (like me), here is a guide on how to organise all of your products so your space is more tidy and you can easily find your beauty products! I hope you enjoy this post and comment how you organise your beauty products!

(Photo by Diana Ruseva on Unsplash)

Most Used Skincare/Makeup Products

If you have some skincare or makeup products that you use everyday, it’s probably easier to put them in a separate, more convenient spot than the rest of your makeup/skincare. You can use small storage baskets, makeup bags or a makeup stand to store the products. My most used makeup is stored in a makeup holder (that I got from Tiger) and my most used skincare (you can check these products out in My Skincare Journey blog post) is stored in a small storage basket!

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are used a lot so it’s helpful to keep them in a specific place. You can store your makeup brushes in a brushes case or a brushes holder. I have some large holders on top of my makeup drawers for my brushes which are great because they look nice and the brushes are easy to access!

General Makeup/Skincare

To store your makeup, you could use storage boxes or makeup drawers. You can get great drawers from ikea or dunelm and if you want, you could get some organisers to go inside your drawers to separate the different products! I have a three set of drawers (I would recommend getting a three set of drawers to begin with) and I’ve organised my drawers by products. The top drawer contains most of my lip products, the second contains most of my face products (this is probably has the least amount of products), and the bottom drawer has all of my palettes in it! Most of my skincare products are in large baskets.

Travelling With Beauty Products

Makeup bags and brush cases are perfect for travelling with beauty products! I have so many different sized makeup bags which is actually useful because I use the different sizes depending on the situation so I would recommend getting multiple makeup bags. Plus, you’ll probably need at least two makeup bags for trips over one night if you use a lot of products (one for makeup and one for skincare/other beauty products).

Tips On How To Keep Your Makeup/Skincare Organised

  • Clear out unused/expired beauty products at least twice a year
  • Replace old most used beauty products with your newest most used makeup products regularly to prevent the storage from getting too full
  • Make sure to reorganise products inside drawers/boxes/baskets at least once a month to keep the storage tidy

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22 thoughts on “A Guide On How To Organise Your Beauty Products

  1. great tips! so many women have so much make up that it’s hard to keep them organized. Of course I actually don’t wear make up so I don’t have that problem. But good information to know ❤

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  2. These are great tips! I love staying organized but I have to admit I’m bad about not throwing things out until they’re finished (after 6 months). Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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