Easter Gift Guide

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about Easter gift ideas! I love giving gifts to my friends and family for Easter so I thought I would put together some gift ideas that you could use this year. I’ve included both food and non-food gifts in this post because you don’t have to get just food gifts for Easter! I hope this blog post is helpful and comment what your favourite Easter gift is!


Easter Eggs

I love getting Easter eggs for Easter because they are so nice! I could honestly just write a blog post full of my favourite Easter eggs as there are so many that I love! I think that the Easter eggs this year sound amazing and there is a lot of variety so here’s some of my favourite Easter eggs!

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg & Mini Eggs

I love chocolate oranges so I had to order this Easter egg because I love the sound of it. I am also excited to try the chocolate orange mini eggs because I’ve never tried them before and I am intrigued to see what they taste like!

Cadbury White Chocolate With Oreo Easter Egg

Similarly to the last one, I love this chocolate bar so this sounds incredible! I haven’t had a white chocolate easter egg before but it sounds exciting. I might try and get this at some point because I really want to try it!

Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Egg

This is a classic Easter egg that I have tried many times and it’s still really good! I especially like the mini eggs because they are great for Easter baking or just eating as a snack. This is a smaller Easter egg so you could get this alongside something else as a gift for someone or you get it for yourself as a treat.

NOMO Easter Eggs

These are vegan and gluten free Easter eggs so these are perfect for if you or someone that you are giving an Easter gift to is vegan or gluten free because they can still have Easter eggs! They have a variety of flavours such as fruit crunch, creamy chocolate and caramel sea salt which sound great!

Chocolate M&M’s Eggs

I brought this easter egg for a family member and it looks amazing! You get a big egg and 3 packets of M&M’s eggs inside for a reasonable price. I’ve never tried the M&M’s eggs but they sound so nice

Other Gifts


Clothes are perfect for Easter because spring has just begun and they might need some more spring clothes! Sadly, clothes shops are closed in the UK at the moment but you could still order some clothes online for someone (make sure to check their size!)

Self Care Basket

This is another Easter gift idea that you could do without food (or you could do a mixture of food and beauty items). You could get some candles, face masks, nail polishes, bath bombs and much more! Or you could order a premade basket and there are lots of small businesses that sell these so make sure to look around!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because the recipient can choose what they want within the shop you have brought the gift card for! You could get food gift cards, clothes shop gift cards, beauty shop gift cards or a gift card that they can use in loads of different shops (when they reopen).


This gift works for both kids and adults! You could find an Easter book for kids and maybe a spring book for adults! If you know someone that enjoys reading, why not get them a book that they’ll like to read this spring. You could ask them what genre they like or a specific author/series.

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