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Spring Home Decor Ideas

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about spring home decor ideas! I haven’t done a home blog post since November which is quite a long time now so I thought I’d do one for spring! I’ve included some simple homeware items that you could easily add into your home without having to change up the whole room. I hope you like the blog post and comment what your favourite spring homeware is or what homeware items you want to get for spring!

(Photo from Canva)

Spring Scents

I like to freshen up my room by using scented items such as candles, reed diffusers, room sprays. To make your home more spring inspired, you could get spring coloured candles or spring candle holders. The best scents for spring are floral scents and fresh scents!


It’s nice to add some greenery/colour to your home for spring! You could get a fake or real plant depending on if you’ll be able to take care of a real one and how you want it to look. Plants/flowers can go anywhere in your home (on your dinner table, mantelpiece, desk etc.) and you could get a few different ones to spread around the house. Wreaths are also a lovely way to decorate your door for spring. My favourite spring flowers are daffodils, tulips and lilies!


This looks so nice for spring especially Easter time! I really like bright coloured bunting or floral bunting. You could even make your own bunting if you enjoy crafts! I’ve never brought any bunting for spring before but I’ve seen photos of it being used in rooms and it looks amazing!

Change Up Your Pillows/Bedsheets

Changing up your pillows and bedsheets is really good to do for each season because it changes up the room just by doing something simple like this! Patterned or pink/yellow coloured pillows look really nice for spring! I love pillows that have patterns on them because the rest of the room doesn’t have many patterns in it so it’s very different.

Wicker Baskets

Not only do they look nice for spring but they are also practical because you can store your items in them! Both brown and white wicker baskets work nicely with most colours of your home! You can get these from so many different places and they have a range of uses. You could use them as an Easter gift basket (look out for my Easter gift guide later this week for some inspiration)


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19 thoughts on “Spring Home Decor Ideas

  1. I love how you’ve made suggestions for home decor as we transition to Spring! I love fresh scent and change my aromatherapy and candles each season. Thanks for sharing!

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