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How To Transition From Winter To Spring Fashion

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to transition from winter to spring fashion! It is starting to feel more like spring here in the UK, so I’ve put together this fashion blog post to get you ready for spring fashion. This could also be helpful for someone that wants to buy some new spring clothes! I hope you like this post and comment what your favourite spring outfit is!

Put Away Woolly Jumpers & Cardigans

Spring means lighter and warmer clothes so you don’t really need woolly cardigans or jumpers anymore. You can keep some jumpers or sweaters because they are nice to wear around the house in spring as cosy clothes or even outside without a coat (if it is warm enough).

Bring In Some Brighter & Bolder Colours

Time to get out some of your brighter and bolder coloured clothes! Of course you can still wear neutral and light coloured clothes in winter but it’s nice to have a few brighter clothing items to wear sometimes. My favourite bright colours to wear in spring/summer are red and hot but I’d like to incorporate a bit of yellow into my wardrobe this year.

Patterns Are Great For Dresses Or T-Shirts

I love patterned dresses or t-shirts in spring because they look so pretty and they just remind you of spring. I absolutely love floral patterns for spring (and probably summer as well) and there are loads of different colours and styles to try out to see which one works best for you.

Wear More Accessories

Accessories just make outfits even better and spring is a great time to wear more accessories! You can start wearing hats and sunglasses which I love because they are a lovely edition to an outfit and obviously they have the benefits of blocking out the sun quite a lot. Jewellery is also really nice to wear with outfits in spring especially necklaces and rings.

Start Getting Out Skirts/Shorts

You don’t need all of your skirts/shorts yet because it doesn’t get that warm in Spring here in the UK but there might be some days where it is warm enough to wear these! If you have some 3/4 length leggings or maxi skirts, they are perfect for spring because they are a really good transition between winter and summer clothes!

Jumpsuits Are Perfect For Special Occasions

Hopefully, things will start reopening this spring so that we can go out again. But even if you have a special occasion in a lockdown, you could still get dressed up and wear something like a jumpsuit because they are kind of like the spring version of a playsuit (playsuits are shorts and jumpsuits are trousers). I don’t actually own a jumpsuit (I only have a playsuit) but I really want to get one for spring!


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