How To Save Money On Beauty

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is tips on how to save money on beauty products! I usually like to spend not too much money on beauty products so I’ve put together some tips that I use. Good quality beauty products don’t have to be expensive so I hope these tips are helpful and comment whether you mostly buy drugstore products or high end products!

Only Buy The Products You Need

This applies mostly to skincare but it can be used for makeup as well. You don’t need to buy tons of serums or face masks to start off with. Pick one or two and then see if your skin is improving after a few months. I used to buy loads of unnecessary skincare products because I liked the sound of them! Get basic products to begin and get more if you need them.

Check To See If The Product Is Sold Elsewhere For A Cheaper Price

This is a really good trick but make sure that the product you are buying is legitimate and not a fake. I’ve had times when I brought a beauty product somewhere because it was cheaper and then it turned out it was a fake product. However, you can still use this trick by shopping trusted beauty shops and checking the products before buying them!

You Don’t Always Need To Buy Expensive Product

High end beauty products aren’t always better than drugstore products. There are plenty of cheaper beauty products out there that are amazing and possibly better than more expensive products! If you do want to buy an expensive product, you could buy a mini version of that product and test it to see if you like it. If you do like it, you could either repurchase the mini version again or you could get the full sized product depending on the price difference and how likely you are to use it. There is also the other option of looking for drugstore dupes of high end products. You can find what beauty products are dupes for other products on social media!

Take Advantage Of Sales & Deals

This is something I use a lot! If a beauty product that I regularly use or I’ve wanted for a while goes on sale, I will buy it as soon as possible even if I don’t need it straight away. Deals such as 3 for 2 on beauty products are also great because you can get one of your 3 products free and this saves a lot of money! This is perfect for if you want to buy an expensive beauty product but you don’t want to pay the full price for it. Make sure to look out for sales and then it may be affordable for you.

Don’t Waste The Products By Using Too Much

Using too much of the product each time means that you’ll run out of the product faster and you will have to repurchase it (if you like the product) more often. You can use beauty charts on Instagram that show you how how much of each product you should use. You can use that as guidance and apply more product if necessary and therefore you won’t be wasting a lot of the product.

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