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Fun Activities To Do This Spring

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is about fun activities to do this spring! With spring approaching in the UK, I thought I would share with you some activities you can do which are COVID friendly. I really like Spring because it starts to get warmer and the days are lighter! I hope you like this post and comment what you like do in Spring!

Have A Spring Clean

This is definitely something I will be doing soon because I really want to declutter my wardrobe and drawers and this is the perfect time. It is a really nice thing to do for spring because you can find your spring clothes and implement it into your wardrobe! It also just makes your house clean and ready for the new season!

Do Some Spring Photography

Spring is so lovely because flowers start to bloom and there is so much nature so why not take some photos of it when you are on a walk or at a local park! You don’t have to have an incredible camera or be the best photographer, it is for everyone! Make sure to go and follow my Instagram if you haven’t already (link below on my social icon) because I will be posting some spring photography next month. Here’s a spring photo that I took last year that you might recognize from my blog!

Buy Some Flowers For A Loved One Or Yourself

Flowers are perfect for springtime because they make your home so much nicer. Whether you buy them for a birthday, special occasion or just a gift to say thank you! It will make them feel happy and appreciated. Or you could get some flowers for yourself to treat yourself and decorate your home!

Do Some Baking/Crafts

With Easter coming up next month, you could do some Easter inspired baking or crafts! Why not try my Rocky Road Nest Cake recipe! If you don’t celebrate Easter, you could still do some regular crafts or baking this Spring because it’s a fun activity to do. I can’t wait to do some Easter baking soon because there are so many cool Easter baking recipes that I want to try out (they look delicious). I will hopefully be sharing some photos of what I have made on my Instagram!

Learn A New Skill

Spring is a great time to learn something new or maybe even something you haven’t done in a long time so you could give yourself a challenge to learn something next season! It could be a new instrument, language (check out My Language Learning Journey & Tips blog post if you are interested in learning a new language), subject and much more! Not only is it something fun do to but it also helps you with lots of different skills!


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21 thoughts on “Fun Activities To Do This Spring

  1. I always like the idea of spring cleaning, but then when it comes down to actually doing it, I avoid it at all costs lol! Really, though, I should clear out my closet and donate some clothes because I have too many clothes and not enough space.

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  2. I love spring photography and I actually have plans to go do it with a friend soon! It’s the best way to welcome spring, seeing the flowers and young animals and everything! And cleaning I should really do as well haha, just a little bit less excited for it (although I will be about the result!).

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