How To Be Motivated To Workout

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to be motivated to workout. I decided to write this blog post because last week, I was unmotivated to workout which really made me think why am I unmotivated and how can I become motivated again. This shows that everyone becomes unmotivated at some point but it is important to find ways to become motivated again. I think that some of these tips can also be helpful for everyday motivation which is great! I hope you find this useful and comment how you get motivated to workout!

Find Times Of Day When You Are Most Motivated

This is really helpful because it helps you to get into a bit of a routine and prevents you from forgetting to exercise. For me, I find that I am most motivated to workout first thing in the morning or before having lunch. I would recommend (for most people) to do exercise as early as you can because then you can relax and not have to do any exercise for the rest of the day (unless you wanted to).

Listen To Music/Podcasts

Listening to music/podcasts is probably the main way that I motivate myself to workout and it helped a lot last week when I was unmotivated. I have some workout playlists that I like to use when I’m on a run, walk or the exercise bike. What I do is only let myself listen to a podcast episode or songs when I am doing some form of exercise which really helps with motivation.

Workout Games/Challenges

This helps you not only become more motivated but it also makes exercising more fun and makes you want to do it more often! I use the game Ring Fit on my Nintendo switch occasionally and it is such a good way to workout. I like to use the adventure mode where you defeat bosses by doing exercises that work your full body. There are mini games and sets that you can as well if you want to work on a specific part of your body (arms, legs, abs).

Treat Yourself After Each Workout

It doesn’t have to be just food, it could be watching your favourite TV show/movie, buying something that you’ve wanted to buy or having a chill day. It also doesn’t have to be something big as just having a small treat after each workout can be just as motivating for your next workout.

Do A Mixture Of Short & Long Workouts

This is very important for motivation and also recovery. I usually do shorter workouts on days that I am busier and then longer (but not too long) workouts on quieter days like weekends. Sometimes I only do 10-15 minutes on the exercise bike and that is okay because I am still doing exercise and I can do a longer workout another day!

I hope you’ve liked this blog post and it has motivated you a bit even if it is for a different purpose!

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39 thoughts on “How To Be Motivated To Workout

  1. This seriously gave me the motivation I’ve been looking for! I have a gym membership that is collecting dust and taking all of my money, but I’ve been wanting to go again now that COVID numbers are going down. Thank you for motivating me!

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  2. I can definitely relate to this – I have always struggled to find motivation to work out but in the last few weeks I’ve really gotten into a good routine! I think changing them up and finding someone on YouTube in my case whose workouts you enjoy really make all the difference.

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  3. Love this! Someone once told me that ‘if you’re thinking ‘how long am I going to be able to keep this up’ then you’re either doing too much or the wrong type of exercise’! And I’ve lived by that for the last few months!

    Katie |

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  4. Great post! I’m definitely one for listening to audiobooks and make this part of my daily exercise (10 km walking briskly). I love how getting drawn into a good book takes away most thoughts of wanting to quit. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I’m definitely going to take this as a sign to kick myself into working out again!! Thank you for sharing these tips, I will definitely take them on board x

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  6. These are such great tips to stay motivated to work out! I’ve been working out more here lately and I feel so much better doing so!


  7. For years in my clients I’ve also noticed ‘seasonal motivation’ it’s just not true that people get that January need to lose weight. I’ve seen it’s Summer when motivation is at its highest generally.

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  8. I started walking after bariatric surgery and stuck with it until cleared to lift weights.

    Now, my workouts are important. I’ve made them routine. The motivation is there because I’m seeing results!

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