My Love Songs Playlist For Valentine’s Day

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my love songs playlist for Valentine’s Day! I’ve put together some of my favourite love songs from my favourite artists that you can listen to on Valentine’s Day (or anytime you like). I hope you like this playlist (I definitely enjoyed listening to these songs while writing this) and comment what your favourite love song is!

Lover By Taylor Swift

This is such a beautiful song and perfect for you and your date on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great song to dance to and I love listening to it. The song has incredible lyrics and vocals.

Everybody In Love By JLS

This is a throwback love song from JLS that I like a lot. The song is so catchy and fun! I think this is a great song to listen to on Valentine’s Day even if you aren’t with your loved one because it’s quite a unique love song that has lots of different meanings to people.

Touch By Little Mix

This is such a great song! It’s a upbeat and feel good song that makes you want to dance and makes you think of love. I love the vocals and lyrics of this song! My favourite part of this song is the bridge because it’s so cool.

Thank u, Next By Ariana Grande

This song is all about self love so this is perfect for if you’re single for Valentine’s Day and you want to listen to love songs that are different. The vocals are really good and it’s a iconic song.

Black & White By Niall Horan

I love this song and it makes me emotional when I hear it because it is all about when you have found your true love. It is the perfect song to listen to with your date on Valentine’s Day because it is such a special song!

Love Story By Taylor Swift

Another Taylor song because she has some great love songs. If you are a big Taylor fan (like me), you’ll probably know that Taylor could be releasing the re-recording of this song soon (it could be announced/released by the time you are reading this). I love the story behind this song and it definitely reminds you of love.

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12 thoughts on “My Love Songs Playlist For Valentine’s Day

  1. I love all of these songs! I’m especially a big fan of Ariana & Taylor! “Touch” by Little Mix has always been one of my favorites from them! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this! 🙂

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