My Workout Routine

Hello! I hope you are okay! Today’s blog post is my workout routine! This is a routine that I have started recently and I try to stick to it as much as possible. I like to do a variety of exercises because it helps me stay motivated and it is more fun! I hope this helps with ideas for your own routine if you don’t have one already! If you need any tips for working out, check out my Workout Tips blog post. Comment what your favourite type of exercise is!

Monday – PE With Joe

I start doing work later on in the morning on Mondays so I have time to do Joe Wick’s live workout at 9am. I really like doing these workouts because it’s very motivating and quite challenging. I like the fact that the workouts are different each week so it doesn’t get boring.

Tuesday – Rest Day

Tuesdays are my rest days because I’m very busy on Tuesdays so I don’t have time to exercise on this day. It is important to schedule at least one rest day per week into your workout routine so that you don’t injure yourself and become unmotivated to workout!

Wednesday – YouTube Workout Video

In the mornings, I like to do a workout video to wake me up in the morning and help me be more productive throughout the day. I do full body workout videos and they are tiring but I know that they help my whole body.

Thursday – Dance Class

I’ve recently joined a new online dance class during this lockdown and I really enjoy it. I’ve been dancing for a long time now and I love dancing. It is definitely my favourite type of exercise because sometimes it doesn’t even feel like exercise as it’s so fun.

Friday – Exercise Bike

I do a quick 15-20 mins on the exercise bike which is still very tiring but good. I usually listen to music or a podcast while doing it which motivates me. I like to do this after I’ve finished my work in the afternoon because I can relax for the rest of the day once I’ve done it!

Saturday – Long Walk

I like doing long walks on Saturdays with family because it’s a nice exercise to do to start the day. This is kind of a rest day because walking is light exercise for me. I also go on small walks throughout the week to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.

Sunday – Long Run

I’ve been running a lot more in the past year and I like going running on Sundays in the morning. Last Sunday, I did a 5K which I’m pleased with! If you need any tips on running, make sure to check out my Running Tips For Beginners blog post!

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17 thoughts on “My Workout Routine

  1. I realised that i can not be motivated in life until i workout.. workout is best boost to my serotonin 🙂 I liked it that you’ve dance class included..

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  2. I have begun to try out new ways of exercising, so I loved reading this! Mixing things up and trying out different styles under different instructors is a surprising amount of fun for me. Your dance class sounds amazing and something to look forward to! 🙂

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  3. It is great that you have a healthy workout routine. Pretty cool that you incorporated different activities for each day. So important to have rest days! It is great that you have an exercise bike as well. Those have been super trendy as of late!

    Nancy ✨

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  4. The variety in your routine is amazing! I only run, walk and do some light pilates/ stretching routines. It’s great that you have such a structured routine too, with planned rest days. I wish my routine was this structured x


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  5. Love this routine as it has so much variety. I mainly do workout videos and walks with the occasional jog but I never do anything regularly enough to see improvements.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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