How To Stick To Your Goals

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to stick to your goals! So you might of made some goals for this year and you’ve been doing them for the past few weeks but what if there’s a period that you are struggling to stick to your goals? Here’s some tips that I hope you find useful! Comment what your goals are!

Use An App

There are loads of apps that you can get to help you stay motivated and keep track of how you are progressing with your goal. I find using an app really useful and I definitely recommend it.

Example – one of my goals is to drink at least 8 glasses of drink per day and I use the app Water Tracker to log the drinks. What I like about this app is you can log different types of drinks (water, juice, coffee, etc.) and you can view how many glasses of drink you’ve had (which aligns with my goal)

It’s okay To Miss Out The Occasional Weeks

Sometimes unexpected things happen and you might really struggle to do your goal because of certain reasons. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself and as long as you continue when it’s possible.

Take Rest/Cheat Days

This is really important to continue with your goal for a long time. You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing this because you have done so well the rest of the days.

Example – if your goal is to eat healthily and you struggle to stay motivated for long periods of time, make sure to take cheat days to reward yourself for eating healthily. Weekends are usually the best times to have cheat days because you might be busy on weekdays so eating healthy is a lot easier to do.

Allocate Time To Do The Activity

If you have a busy lifestyle or struggle to get motivated, make sure to use a planner or you could just use the notes on your phone to plan your day/week out. You should plan where you’ll do the activity (that is your goal) and it will be more likely that you will do it!

Example – if your goal is to exercise, you could plan to do your workout before you start work/school or afterwards depending on when you are most motivated in the day!

You are capable of following your goals and achieving the end result! Work hard but also make sure to take rests!

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24 thoughts on “How To Stick To Your Goals

  1. I agree that you do need to allocate time for your goals and to complete them! I always try to do this, and I give myself “cheat days” as well like you mentioned because it’s a great motivation boost too 😊 xx

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  2. Thank you so much for these tips. I really struggle with keeping on track with my goals and I must admit doing things the old school way (pen and paper) is probably the reason why I start slacking. Your post will definitely be a reminder to be kind to myself and keep pushing.

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  3. I think using apps really helps! I like to join the weekly/ monthly challenges on the Nike running app to help encourage me to keep going if I’m not feeling it. But allowing yourself breaks is so important, your goals shouldn’t feel like a massive chore x

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    1. These are amazing tips. It is actually way easier to set goals than to actually stick to them and these tips are amazing especially the ones about taking rest or cheat days, allocating time to do the activity. I totally agree with the fact that it is okay to miss out sometimes. I try not to beat myself up when it comes to sticking to or achieving my goals and that along with taking things slowly and taking rest days and setting a particular time to do that activity helps a lot. Great post x!

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