My Netflix Watchlist

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s post is my Netflix watchlist! I watch a lot of TV as it is a great self care activity. If you want to check out any of the movies or TV shows that I have watched previously, make sure to check out my favorites posts and My Top 5 TV Shows! Also, if you want to start a new TV show or watch a new movie, here are some suggestions for you!

The TV shows/movies I am going to mention today are things that I am going to watch once I have finished my current series. Comment if you’ve watched any of these series and let me know any series that you recommend!

TV Shows

Emily In Paris

This show got a lot of hype a few months ago so I definitely want to watch this. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like a TV show that I would enjoy! I also love Paris (I really want to go there) so that’s another reason why I think I would really like this show!


This is a show that I’ve actually watched the first episode of and then I forgot about it because I was busy with other things! I think it liked it (but it was quite a while ago now) and I’ve heard some good reviews about it! I’m going to try and watch it before the 3rd season comes out which is this year I believe.

Gilmore Girls

I want to watch this because it kinda reminds me of gossip girl which I loved! I also really like high school TV shows because they are really interesting. I actually haven’t heard anyone mention about this show so if you’ve watched this before, please let me know in the comments what you thought about it!

Selling Sunset

I know a few people that watch this and they really like it! It sounds really interesting and I’m pretty sure that I’ll like it. It might be a while till I get round to watching this but it’ll be good watching it.


Shawn Mendes In Wonder

I love Shawn Mendes’ music and I also love music artists’ tour films or just films about their lives. I’ll probably watch this once I’ve listened to his new album ‘wonder’ as I want to listen to that soon!

Work It

This film sounds really good because it has an actor in that I really like and it’s based on dance which I love! I can’t wait to watch this as I think I’ll enjoy this.

The Prom

I would like to watch this film because although it has had mixed reviews, I love musicals so I want to see what it’s like. There’s lots of famous actors in this movie and the storyline sounds good.


This is quite an old film but people have recommended this to me and I definitely want to watch this. I think I’ll really like this because it’s similar to shows that I have watched and it sounds great!

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48 thoughts on “My Netflix Watchlist

  1. Personally, I LOVED emily in paris. I love lily collins and she was one of the main reasons i watched it but also paris is my dream city. it’s a little cheesy and cliche but its a feel good and enjoyable show that’s definitely worth watching

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  2. Like other folks in this quarantine, Netflix is one of my most favorite things to do! Haven’t seen the Gilmore Girls yet but I’m also thinking of watching this and yes, I feel the Gossip Girl aura! 😄 I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this, I found next TV show to watch!

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  3. Lovely list! I re-watch Gilmore Girls every other year! I love playing it in the background when I’m cleaning or doing other things. I also never watch reality TV but I did watch Selling Sunset and the houses were so dreamy. Thanks for sharing xo

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  4. These are amazing movies. I haven’t watched netflix in a long time. I have heard about twilight but I haven’t watched it either. I want to start watching netflix again and I’ll definitely watch all of these.

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  5. twilight is just>>>>>,also I’ve been stalking your blog on the low, and this is my first comment, I think. I love your blog and the authenticity of your posts always keep me hooked. I also like the range- the range of topics in all your posts. keep up the good workk!:D

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