Christmas Q&A

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today is Christmas Eve which is exciting! This blog post is a Christmas Q&A. I asked on my Instagram (@lifeseasonblog) a while ago for some questions related to Christmas so I’ll be answering them in this blog post! I hope you like this and feel free to write your own answers to these questions in the comments.

@crispyconfessions – ‘What is your favourite Christmas drink?’

My favourite Christmas drink is definitely hot chocolate! I usually make my hot chocolates more extra around Christmas and they are delicious! I also love flavoured hot chocolates like chocolate orange hot chocolates or salted caramel hot chocolates.

@_zakhayes – ‘What’s your favourite part about Christmas?’

My favourite part about Christmas is probably spending time with my family and giving gifts to them. We do loads of fun Christmassy activities which I have done a blog post about so make sure to check out my Things To Do Over Christmas blog post! I also love seeing my family’s reactions to my presents on Christmas Day!

@envirolineblog – ‘What’s your favourite things to bake?’

My favourite thing to bake at Christmas is biscuits or cookies. I love making biscuits because I can make them look festive using different coloured icing/sprinkles and cookies are a Christmas classic.

@envirolineblog – ‘What type of advent calendar do you have?’

I have a chocolate advent! It is a dairy milk one and it’s so nice! Sadly it only went up to 24 days so I finished it this morning but I loved the different flavours.

@hellotalkspodcast – ‘Is Christmas your favourite? If yes, why? What do you like to be gifted to you?’

Yes, Christmas is my favourite because not only is Christmas Day amazing but also the build up to Christmas is really nice! As for what I would like to be gifted to me, I am quite an easy person to buy for because I love things like beauty products, clothes, food, etc.

Thank you to everyone that sent a question to me! I really appreciate it and I enjoyed answering your questions.

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you and your loved ones have a great day!

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