The Christmas Tag 2020

Hello! Hope you’re okay! I’ve decided to do a bonus blog post for you this week because I wanted to do another Christmas blog post this year! Today’s post is the Christmas tag 2020 which I have been nominated for by agirlwithaview a few days ago. Make sure to check out her blog and her version of this tag!

The Christmas Tag Rules

1. Put on your favourite Christmas playlist to listen to while answering! 

2. Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing.

3. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their site.

4. Answer the 10 original questions.

5. Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you.

6. Ask 2 questions of your own Tag 6 bloggers to take part.

My Answers

When do your decorations go up?

I usually put my decorations up on December 1st because that’s when I feel like the Christmas countdown begins for me. However, this year I put my decorations up slightly earlier to cheer myself up and start looking forward to Christmas!

Who is the Scrooge of your family or friendship group?

I would honestly say no one in my family or friendship group is the scrooge because we all love Christmas! I think me and one of my closest friends are the people that get most excited for Christmas but the rest of my family/friends are still very festive around this time of the year!

If money were no object, how and where would you spend Christmas?

I would probably spend Christmas in Paris if money were no object because I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and I believe that it looks so festive at Christmas! There’s so much to do in Paris and it’s the perfect time to go. I would also go to New York because I would love to go ice skating in central park and go shopping! New York is another place that I would love to go to in the future!

What festive film do you HAVE to watch every festive season?

This is a hard one because I watch loads of festive films and have a lot of favorites. I would probably choose Home Alone because it’s a Christmas classic! I love watching it every year and it never gets old!

Who do you find hardest to buy presents for?

Probably either my sister or my dad and I noticed that this year when buying their presents. I think it is because I don’t want to get them a basic present as I have in previous years, I want to get them a special present that fits within my budget and they will love!

Would you rather buy lots of little presents for a hamper, or buy one big/main present?

I prefer buying lots of little presents because you can get a variety of presents that they would like and it makes Christmas Day more exciting for them if there are multiple presents to open on the day. I’ve always brought lots of little presents for Christmas except for a few times.

What did you leave out for Santa when you were a child?

When I was a child, I think I used to leave out a mince pie, a beer (I don’t know why haha) and a carrot for the reindeer. I remember we used to put it on a little coffee table which went just next to the fireplace. I think one or two years I wrote a note and left it out for Santa.

Where did you spend last Christmas?

Last Christmas, I stayed at home with my family on Christmas Day! I also visited more of my family, went shopping and went to the pub on the days around Christmas. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to do those things this year but I’m grateful that I can spend Christmas with some of my family.

Which Christmas song makes you cringe?

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus makes me cringe because the lyrics make me feel weird and the fact that it is sung from a child’s view also makes it more cringe to me. When people sing the extra bits on the end of the lines in Jingle Bells, that also makes me cringe because I find them unnecessary and weird.

If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?

Probably Natalie in Love Actually (yes I watched Love Actually for the first time last week and I loved it) because she finds love with the Prime Minister which is Hugh Grant and that is amazing. She is such a great character and a character that I can relate to in certain ways.

Natasha’s Questions

Do you have a Christmas Eve box?

Sadly, I don’t have a Christmas Eve box. We’ve never done it as a family but I love the idea of it! Maybe in the future, I might start doing it because it seems very special and makes Christmas Eve sound even more fun!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

My favourite Christmas song is all I want for Christmas is you (I’m actually listening to the song as I’m writing this) because it is an amazing song! It makes people so excited and festive when they hear this song! I listen to it constantly every Christmas because I love it!

My Questions

1. What are some of your Christmas traditions?

2. What is your favourite Christmas food?

I Nominate



Crispy Confessions




Thank you again to agirlwithaview for nominating me for this tag and Merry Christmas!!

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