Christmas Movies To Watch This Year & My Top 3 Christmas Movies

Hello! Hope you’re ok! Today’s blog post is all about Christmas movies to watch this year and my top 3 Christmas movies! I love Christmas movies because they get me into the Christmas spirit and they are so good! I want to watch more romantic Christmas films this year so comment some that I should watch! I hope you find a new Christmas movie to watch and let me know your favorite Christmas movie!

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The Polar Express

I always watch this film on Christmas Eve because it is the perfect night before Christmas movie. I love it because it is an amazing Christmas story.


I watched this for the first time this year and it was so good. The songs are great and it’s so funny. I will definitely be watching this again as it is a really good Christmas movie.

Love Actually

I have never seen this film but I have heard from a lot of people that it is a great movie. It is definitely on my Christmas watchlist this year!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is a debate whether this is a Christmas or Halloween film but I usually watch this around Christmas so I class it as a Christmas movie. This is a really good movie because the songs are great!

A Christmas Carol

This is a great movie and I especially like the Muppets Christmas Carol because it is more fun. I’ve read the book before and I think I prefer the film because it is more entertaining.

#3 Arthur Christmas

This is such a feel good Christmas movie! I’ve watched it every year and I even saw it in cinemas when it first came out because it’s incredible! It makes me so excited for Christmas!

#2 Home Alone

This is such a Christmas classic! I love this film because it is so good and entertaining. Personally, I prefer the original Home Alone but I quite like Home Alone 2 as well. The characters are great and it’s so festive!

#1 Elf

This is my favorite Christmas movie because it is amazing! It is so festive and makes you remember why we love Christmas. I watch this film every year because it is so funny and it makes me happy. It is set in New York and it makes me want to go to New York because it looks amazing!

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40 thoughts on “Christmas Movies To Watch This Year & My Top 3 Christmas Movies

  1. I love the Nightmare before Christmas! I love watching it in halloween and christmas, it suits both seasons. I have A Christmas Carol in my watch list too, I’m excited to watch. I might try to watch the other movies in your list too!
    Have a great time ❤️

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  2. Oooh! I love these classic Christmas movies!! You can’t go wrong with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Such a great movie. Elf is such a funny movie!! We just had a holiday trivia at work and all of these movies came up one way or another (except for Nightmare, sadly :(). Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

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  3. Some great picks here – I love them all!

    Do people really argue that TNBC is more of a Halloween film than Christmas when the word ‘Christmas’ is in the title and the entire plot is centred around that holiday rather than Halloween? I think I’m hung up on the wrong thing here but yay, Christmas movies! 😀

    Hope you have a great Christmas! 🙂

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  4. Merry Christmas!!

    Oooh I haven’t heard of Nativity! before. Glad it was a great Christmas themed watch! You can never go wrong with Nightmare. I feel like it is so versatile that you can watch it both during Halloween and Christmas! Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Nancy ✨

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