Beauty Inspiration For Christmas

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about beauty inspiration for Christmas! In this post, I will be mentioning the best colours and products to use for the Christmas period. I love Christmas makeup because it’s creative and unique. Comment what your favourite Christmas beauty is.


Red, Gold & Light Blue Nail Colours

These colours are perfect for the holiday season because they look very festive and nice. They also go well with most outfits as they are quite simple. If you wanted some nail art, you could add some snowflakes or stripes as that would look so cool!



Red & Bright Pink Lipsticks

I love Christmas because it encourages me to choose more bolder lipstick shades rather than just nude shades and light pinks. I really like wearing red lipstick at Christmas because it looks pretty and it is more special.


Gold/Silver Glitter Eyeshadows

These colours are perfect with the lipstick shades I mentioned above. You could get some pressed glitter for easy application or you could get some loose glitter for a better effect. Glitters are great for Christmas because they are pretty. My favourite colour would probably be gold because it looks fancy.

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