November Favorites

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is my November Favorites! I can’t believe it is a new month already and the last month of 2020. I love doing these blog posts every month and I hope you are enjoying them too! Last month was pretty good for me because I discovered some amazing things. I hope you discover something new and comment what you have been loving in November!


Confetti By Little Mix

This album is incredible! I’ve loved all the songs that were released before the album and the album songs are amazing! This is already my most played album of 2020 because I’ve been listening to it loads since it came out and I was listening to the songs that were released early a lot too! My favorite songs at the moment are If You Want My Love and My Love Won’t Let You Down.

Niall Horan Live At The Royal Albert Hall

This was a virtual concert put on by Niall at the beginning of last month and it was so good! First of all, he was raising money for touring crews through this virtual concert which is amazing! I loved his setlist and his vocals were incredible! It definitely made my night and it is a good substitute for concerts right now.


The Originals

I was recommended to watch this by a few people since I have finished watching the vampire diaries and I really like it! I’ve only watched some of the first season so far but I can’t wait to watch the rest and I think I’m going to like it! I’ll update you once I’ve watched more of it but I think I’m going to enjoy this show!

I’m A Celebrity

I watch this every year and it’s so good! I’m glad they’ve still been able to put it on this year even if it is different from other years. I love watching this every night and it’s been great so far! I really like the celebrities on it this year and I have a few favorites so it’ll be interesting to see who wins.

Gossip Girl

I only started watching this series a week ago and I’ve nearly finished season 1! It’s amazing and I love watching it! The characters are really good and my favorite characters at the moment are Blair and Nate. There are lots of unexpected twists which is exciting and I’m excited to see what happens next!

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24 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. I’m obsessed with the confetti album too – it’s so good! Also, loving I’m a celeb – who do you wanna win? I’ve been voting for Giovanna x

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  2. Great post! Vampire diaries and The Originals are soooooooo good! It gets sad as the seasons go on, but nonetheless it’s very good. The next branch off is Legacies, but in my opinion it was a bit boring. You may think different if you’re into the mythical creatures, but I do recommend Jack Ryan. It’s a really good show.

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  3. I need to try new things more. The only thing I am familiar with is Gossip Girl. I’ll have to check the others out.


  4. I have only heard of I am a celebrity recently on twitter. Maybe they don’t have it here in the US. But for all the fans I think it’s cool they were able to adapt it to the times and keep it going!

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  5. I love reading about other bloggers favourites as it gives me good ideas on what to watch! I’ve heard some great things about Gossip Girl.

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