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How To Decorate Your Home Well At Christmas

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is all about how to decorate your home well at Christmas! I love Christmas decorations because they look so cool and it gets me into the festive spirit. I haven’t put up my Christmas decorations yet but I will be doing it very soon. Make sure to follow my Instagram (@lifeseasonblog) to see some of my decorations! I hope these tips are helpful and comment when you are putting your Christmas decorations up or if you’ve already put them up!

Choose A Colour Scheme

You should definitely choose a colour scheme because it looks so much nicer and organised than just using random colours. There’s so many different colours that you can pick from and it would be even better you’d choose colours that compliment the room colours. I would recommend to pick 2 or 3 colours because then you still have a variety.

Make Some DIY Decorations

This is perfect for families! It gives a personal touch to your decorations and plus it is a fun activity for both kids and parents. There are loads of crafts out there that you could do ranging from beginner to more advanced.

Space Out Your Decorations

Make sure not to clutter one area with loads of decorations and have little decorations elsewhere. Having them spaced out helps the decorations look more natural and gives your whole home the festive sense!

Get Some Christmas Lights

I love having Christmas lights all around the house because they look so pretty and they make your house look Christmassy even when it’s dark! You could get some coloured lights or just white lights to go around a room. So when you are watching TV at night, you can just turn on the Christmas lights rather than a lamp or main light. Also, they look amazing outside your home as well!

Buy Some Christmas Themed Homeware

Christmas themed homeware is so nice and there are plenty of shops that have amazing Christmas homeware items! You could some Christmas pillows, blankets, mugs, candles, etc. They are special to use because you don’t use them all the time so this is a great idea for more Christmas decor!


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32 thoughts on “How To Decorate Your Home Well At Christmas

  1. I will admit that because life has been so awful (for personal reasons not due to covid, but that hasn’t helped either) that my husband and I put our Christmas decorations up on November 1st. We didn’t get to celebrate it last year, and didn’t get to eat anything special so we are going full steam ahead with making every moment count this festive season! I enjoyed reading your post — thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love decorating for Christmas! I agree that Christmas lights make the house feel so festive and cozy! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

    Liked by 2 people

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