25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Today’s blog post is 25 Christmas gift ideas for her! Christmas is coming up so I have put this list together so you can get ideas! I have included a lot of different gifts on this list so hopefully you can find some inspiration for some Christmas gifts for the women in your life. Comment your favorite gifts from this list!

  1. Winter Clothes – make sure to find out their size and style
  2. Shoes – fancy, casual etc.
  3. Bags – handbags, backpacks, tote bags etc.
  4. Jewellery – check out My Favorite Jewellery Pieces blog post for inspiration
  5. Skincare – repurchases of her regularly used products or products she would like
  6. Makeup – you can either get a Christmas gift set or make a collection of her favorite products
  7. Bath/Shower Products – find out her favorite scents or products
  8. Homeware – pillows, blankets, candles, fairy lights etc.
  9. Scrapbook – either blank or add photos of you and her in it
  10. CD/Vinyl – her favorite albums or new releases from her favorite artists
  11. TV/Music Subscription – you could get her a few months subscription to a streaming service
  12. Books – from her favorite author or genre
  13. Electronics – speakers, headphones, portable charger etc.
  14. Phone Case – could be clear or coloured
  15. Perfumes – from her favorite celebrities or scents
  16. Hair Products – brushes, sprays, curlers, straighteners etc.
  17. Baking – utensils, ingredients etc.
  18. Snacks – you could make her a box full of her favorite snacks or get a selection box
  19. Hot Drinks – you could get her a set with different flavours of her favorite hot drink
  20. Vouchers – music, clothes shops, beauty shops, food etc.
  21. Notebook/Planner – find one with a pattern that she’d like
  22. Stationary – highlighters, coloured pens, drawing pencils etc.
  23. 2021 calendar – either a wall calendar or desk calendar
  24. Games – board games, card games, video games etc.
  25. Exercise Equipment – weights, yoga mat, resistance bands etc.

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19 thoughts on “25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

  1. Great ideas!! there are so many that you can give to women that it’s almost overwhelming
    I didn’t realize that CDs were still a thing — do people still use them lol?


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