How To Create Halloween Outfits From Your Wardrobe

Hello! Hope you’re okay! Since Halloween is coming up soon, today’s blog post is all about how to create Halloween outfits from your wardrobe. Halloween costumes can be expensive so why not make your own outfit from clothes you already own. This is also great for if you don’t have the time to buy an outfit. I hope you get some inspiration from these ideas and comment which one of these outfits is your favourite!

Cut Up/Put Fake Blood On A Plain T-Shirt

This is a really easy outfit idea. If you have an old plain t-shirt in your wardrobe, you could rip it up a bit and put some fake blood on it. You could pair this t-shirts with leggings or jeans and a jacket if you’re going outside.

Wear Bright Colours

Why not go all out for Halloween! If you have some bright coloured clothes in your wardrobe from another occasion then it would be so cool to wear them as your Halloween outfit. If you have an orange t-shirt, you could dress up as a pumpkin which is really easy to do.

Wear All Black

This is the opposite of the last point but if you don’t own any bright clothes or you don’t like wearing bright colours then you can just wear all black which is a great match for Halloween. If you wanted to, you could add cat ears or a pointy hat so it is similar to traditional Halloween costumes!

Dress Up As A Celebrity

This is a really fun idea for Halloween! Find an image of a celebrity that you like that is wearing similar clothes to what you own and use that as your costume. Try to pick everyday outfits because you are more likely to own similar clothes than more going out clothes unless they are very simple.

DIY Your Own Costume

If you or somebody you know is good at DIYs, then why not make your own costume. DIY costumes look so cool and they save a lot of money. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for DIY costumes!

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